But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


University is starting in less than 3 weeks, and college ended a little over 3 months ago. But a hell of a lot of events has happened within the last few months that is worthy of reflecting over.

When I got rejected by a scholarship awarding body at the very last stage, I was upset for weeks. When you stopped replying my texts, I was sad and angry that I lost you. When my gut feelings came true and I didn't get the straight As I needed - wanted -, my heart sank. When a scholarship did arrive at my doorstep provided I changed courses, I shed tears for the first time in months.

Despite all this distress, each time the feeling passes, I find that I'll myself "Well, I got over that waaaay quicker than I thought I would".  The next time something upsetting happens, I'll try to remind myself how fast the last one went by. I may not believe it at the time, but I'l believe it when I get over it way quicker than I thought I would.

This isn't just applicable to things, but people too. I've lost contact with so many people from college. A couple of them I was heartbroken about at first, but not anymore. I reason myself by saying that I've done my part, but they haven't done theirs, and if they're not interested, then why should you? I mean, you can't say I didn't try. I did. I've texted them to ask what's up, to ask out for a lunch, to start a conversation, but either they don't reply or I'm not important enough for them to get back to me. Why should I bother with someone who blueticks me but had a

In a way, it's been bothering me a little bit though.