But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


So much to do.

I love Daughtry. They make my day a heck load better :)

I still have Seni homwork and Maths to do. Unfortunately, in order to finish my Maths, I'll need the new calculator; of which my mother said she was too lazy to go out and get me one. I'm stuck with this one. And I get confused when I get to fractions.

I have fallen in love with my mother's Super Sharpie. Although my mom and I have been Sharpie fans since I was young, this one is my favourite one yet.

It's the bigg Sharpieeee! :D

I feel so bored. Alya's coming over tomorrow, I think. Was suppose to do the IT project at her apartment last weekend, but tak jadi. So. Yeah. I know, I know. It's like damn early to do the IT project. But damn lazy to do lah. With all the cramming homework and such -____-'

Stupid teachers think our lived revolve around homework and there's nothing better to do. Then they blame us they have so much stuff to mark. And they call themselves teachers, who's suppose to be smarter than we are.

Marsya's told me a secret. Adam has been stalking us, and menyebuk nak tahu secret tu.

Je vous aime, mon chéri. Je le veux dire.