But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


I like where we are.

I love Puan Shah. Apparenly, she blog hops. If you see this, HELLO! :D

Right. School was sort of awesome today. But the best parts was after recess, where school seems somewhat meaningful :)

Alya has very good taste in books. I'm hooked on her Jeffrey Archer, although I wanted to throw mine out. Does she sprinkle magic dust on her books or something? She promised to lend it to me on Monday. And I've forgotten to ask her for my Kissed By An Angel back. I shall force myself to read False Impressions. Just to satisfy myself. Oh, and I still need to search for my real Phantom Of The Opera to lend to Christina. This is becoming a book exchange o_o

*click to enlarge.*

The most played song on my playlist shot up from 3 to 84. Since yesterday evening. Is that even possible? O_O Dayumnn. I must really like that song.

Je vous aime, mon chéri. Je le veux dire. ♥