But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


Get your game on.

When you laugh, I laugh.
And we'll laugh together.

I need to post a surat kiriman tidak rasmi to Encik Azwie. He also warned us to not post his address online. Who'd wanna do that?

We skipped Science, due to the assembly in the dewan. The teacher asked the girls to dance what I call the Chicken Dance Remix. When the girls ran away, the guys were suppose to do it. When the guys sat down instead, Kye Xien did it :) He pulled out Shaqeer later.

This post took me 1 hour. I'm watching So You Think You Can Dance finale. I know you are too. So, naturally, I'd be typing during advertisements. I'd vote Phillip for the popping battle. He was buuuuuckk! I'm rooting for Courtney and Joshua, although I know who's won. I like Twitch. He's buck too. Somehow, I don't really like Katee. Her hands are all over the place when she jumps.

Courtney is really really pretty! :D And she looks so cute with Gev. I think I'll watch it properly now. Bye humans!

Je vous aime, mon chéri. Je le veux dire. ♥