But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


And that's what destiny is.

I'm in Teratai! :D Of which most of us were previous Cempakians. In fact, most of the AJK's consist of Cempakians'09. o_O

Anyway, I was getting sort of worried when Pn Kang was separating us. But, felt better when I saw Chris, Yvonne & Jiaying :) Other Teratai people include Alya, Semreeta, Sooling (ketua kelas!), Avyi (penolong kelas!), Bowen, Karwei, Shihou, Aswad, Joshua & Munnxiang. I told you; we're dominating the class ._.

Our class is next to the toilet. Directly next to it. Oh, and did you know there is CCTV in the girls' toilet? I'm sure you do though. Even people from Sri Aman knows about it. Are they preventing us from going to PJK or something? -__-

Cik Ashikin said she'll start monitoring us for formative marks starting this week. THE FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL. Just re-arranging the books is confusing enough, and I'm suppose to start Maths homework? I'm going to diee. & don't look at me like that. I know you know re-arranging the books are confusing. Somehow. I don't know. But it is.

Sad thing though; the whiteboard is so freaking small -___-'

With a note saying 'I love you', I meant it