But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


Well, isn't it delicious?

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I feel cold when you ain't near.

HELLO ! :)
Haven't signed in in a while. So, yeah, stuff has happened.

On Saturday, had my usual "you have to practice more, Aishah!". I sometimes think I spend too much time on the piano when I try to practice ._.

Anyway, after that, my mom sent me to OU. I was stupid enough to leave my whole slingbag/handbag (sounds formal ._.)/thingymajiggy at home. So my mom forced me to put money in her 'second best' tiny blue purse, which was one of the things she owned that I hate. Sad case.

My mom circled the fourth floor, debating whether she should park and walk me down to GSC or not. I convinced her to let me go off on my own, and she said I could as long as she could see the gang.

Me : Ma, they're waiting at GSC.
My mom : Okay, but I'll let you go if I see them.

*second time passing the door*
Look! Tu Sam, going down the escalator!
Yeah, but why is she going down? I'll let you go, but they have to wait for you lah!
Urgh. -___-
*mom starts singing some random song just to annoy me*

*calls Alya*
Why are you people going down?!
Alya : Haa?
My mom tak kasi lah. You guys kena tunggu at the magazine place.
Oh oh, okay okay.

*Third time passing the door*
Tu tu! They're there. Now can I go?!
Tu! See? Arman! Aswad! Sam! Alya!

*jabs finger at car window*

Okay. Fine.

I don't know whether she honestly forgot how Aswad and Alya looked like, or she was just bugging me. But I'm glad I finally could go :)

Once I was inside, Arman asked for 11bucks -_- LOL. Stood in front of the escalator, talking. Sam admired my pink and black fingernails. And then when I told her I had Taylor Lautner's picture, she grabbed my phone and we fought for my phone. The rest, were as usual, going ''Whoa. Sam. Aishah. Get a room!".

Well, it ain't my fault someone grabbed my phone and refused to give it back, right?

Then watched New Moon. Me and Sam were sitting at the farthest end of the seat (it was the small cinema) and we were practically swooning whenever Jacob was on screen. Especially after he cut his hair. Whoots.

Then we walked around and around. Aswad wanted to get bubble tea, so we walked all the way to the old wing. Since Elysa, Aswad and Arman was so busy talking, Alya, Sam and I decided to see what will happen if we 'fall behind'. Probably they wouldn't even notice.

So we ducked, and went into this random shop that sold berets for rm5. It looked nice :) While I was trying it on, they found us -_- Walked around the shop, and continued walking towards the bubble tea. Arman wanted to stop for a kebab, and Aswad and Sam has this war going on, so Aswad went to get his bubble tea. Sam, Alya and I went to ... this shop. I forgot it's name. But it sold nice earrings :D

Then went to bowling alley, but went to Starbucks instead. Elysa's iPod touch has weird games on it, but it was fun :)


So yeah. The next day, I had a wedding to go to in Seremban. Oh ho ho. Miles and miles away. An hour in a car in stuffy weather and a baju kurung (thank god it was the comfy one!). Getting lost in the house area. Took half an hour alone to get to the house. Could have gotten there sooner if they had LISTENED TO ME -- that pissed me off maaannn.

Reached the khemah and stuff. So many people greeted my grandparents o_o Got restless, and felt like stuffing the speaker down the singer's throat. I mean, come on. You're tone deaf, deal with it. You suck at singing, deal with it. You can't sing, deal with it. YOU'RE MAKING ME EVERYONE DEAF, deal with it.

In addition, I didn't eat anything since morning. The whole car ride itself was maddening enough. Plus this doofus screeching some stupid song so loud, I bet Thailand could hear it. Bottom line, I was not happy. I wanted to go home.

My mom took the food and we sat at the table farthest from the speakers and people. My mood got better after that. Got restless, and sat at the table next to my grandparents. Tokchu asked the bride and groom to bersanding again, so, naturally, Makcik Hanim collected random coins to perform the oh-so-famous ambur-ambur :D

I was in a good mood after that. The sad thing was, no one actually brought many loose coins to weddings. So there was limited money to fight for. It was very very sad.

Anyway, headed for home after that. Got lost getting out -______- When we finally reached Damansara, my grandfather drove to Jaya Jusco to get some Mantau bread thingy. On the way, I bought Seventeen magazine :D

Saw Ayeshah, and it must've been weird to see me dressed so fancily to go to a supermarket. We found the Mantau stuff, and my mom called my grandparents to confirm, and I went to the make-up section to get more nail polish :)

Found this plastic box filled with Bloop ones and removers. Bought two colours and a remover and was at the cashier when I felt my phone vibrate. Guess who it was?

Hana : Comelnya you pakai kurung!

Last person I'd expect to see. Or hear from, for that matter. She wouldn't tell me where she was by the way. So, yeah.

When I got home, took a shower and went online. Once I found out Tokchu' family was here, they had finished eating -__- Felt awkward then.

So, I sat in the empty seat in front of Uncle Ree. While I was drinking he noticed my fingernails were painted.

"May I ask, why only two of your nails are painted? o_O"
"Oh! I was...uhh...experimenting xD"
"Well, yeah. Makes sense."

D'uh. Haha. Then he blamed me for putting the jug on the other empty chair, making it wet. Psht. Nadene came along too though.

After that, I found this book I bought a few days before, which I never got to read. It was kick-ass :D :D Weird weird facts, and now I'm smarter ;)

Then my mom gave me credit. Yay!

And I found this chocolate bar from Aussie :D

I got a feeling,
that tonight's gonna be a good good night. ♥