But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


Words said out of jealousy.

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Mesmerize me with your charm.


Sesudah exam semalam, everyone merdeka! Well, except for those German learners. They have exams today ;p Good luck either way.

My class was suppose to go today, to receive our Science paper since Pn Tan won't be here next week. But I don't think most people will go. Or maybe those rajin people x)

Y'know, SKDUrians went back there this morning. It's a miracle I actually woke up before 9 today. And I slept for like, 6 hours. Only to get kicked out once I was in school. The story goes like this ;

I reached school, and the guard wasn't at the guard pondok. Like, 5 minutes later, he called me to write my name and blablabla. Just when I sat down again, Pn Latifah came and shooed us, saying it wasn't the right time and all the bags are in the class and she didn't want anything missing and such. So we all walked out of the gate, feeling mad and annoyed.

Since most of our parents (well, mine, Shash's and Hana's, I don't know about the others) couldn't fetch us then, we called up Alya, saying she shouldn't come to school and asked if we could lepak at her house instead. Once she gave her permission, Hana's uncle had already come. He was nice enough to send us all to Alya's house, even if it was like, 100m away? But thanks Uncle :)

At her house, we all rant about Pn Latifah to her grandfather. Oh well. With nothing much to do, we all just lepak in her living room, where Shash became jakun Rubik's cube. And she almost spoilt the coloured one.

The best part was, we watched The Proposal. Oh Ryan. I pity Alya, Hana & Shash had to be there at the time. I was practically shouting 'Ohmigosh! He's so hoootttt! Eye candyy ! O.O'. :D

While watching the movie, Alya's grandfather had been nice enough to buy us cinnamon buns! Like what Drew and Margaret had for breakfast in the movie. And Alya's grandmother made some Ribena (?) for us.

After it ended, we went upstairs to play internet. It really was a patience tester. Plus the youtube was super slow. So we listened to songs on Shash's and my phones in the mean time. Amongst the videos we watch were the baby saying fire truck, Ray Mak's piano videos and Sorry Sorry's video. Super Junior are awesome dancers O.O

Hana went back to school, and Shash, Alya and I walked to SKDU, with me hyperventilating because I would be beyond dead if my dad decided to pick me up early. We saw Hana there, with Xi Shern. I saw my grandfather there (ohno!) and he was not happy. But he didn't scold me either, so I was probably safe. We all chatted while waiting for our respected relatives to come out.

Since I couldn't find Aliya, I talked with Shash and Fatin, who didn't seem to remember me. Hana disappered, and I thought she went home. Soon enough, she emerged with Rina, Syafiq and Aliya. Pandai Hana cari Aliya. And I went home.

It was, an average day so far.
And Sorry Sorry is my current addiction, after Ryan Reynolds :)

Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry
Naega naega naega meonjeo
Nege nege nege ppajyeo
Ppajyeo ppajyeo beoryeo baby

I got a feeling,
that tonight's gonna be a good good night. ♥