But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


I'll doze off safe and soundly.

And then there was me.

Was in library most of the time today :)

First Adlina merajuk, cause I lepak with *ahemahem* while waiting for her. So after perhimpunan, I went to class and played the thingy Soo brought with Dang. It's so cooool ! Then Alya came in and announced she knows the notes to the piano. Apparently she studied it all this morning, and she's pretty good when it comes to note-naming.

After teaching her the first two lines of Vanilla Twilight, which I only remembered, the girls in front called me saying some one wanted to see me. Adlina and Casey said they were bored, and Adlina said she was joking about the whole merajuk thing.

I followed them up, and Alya tagged along. We lepak-ed in Teratai, and Adlina & I switched phones. So we talked until the recess bell rang. I hung out with Adlina and I belanja her guava and spaghetti. See how nice I am. Then Adlina and I walked back, and somehow we ended up in the library.

There, we sat on the floor, in the dark part of the room, where an aircond was there above us. Damn nice place to lepak. Alya took some Nancy Drew book, and Casey, Adlina and I gossiped about *ahemahem*. We played with each other's phones after a while, with Casey acting watch dog :D

Blablabla, Alya's VVSF* came. And we started teasing her about it. Because we were gossiping so much, and risking her prefect-ness by taking pictures, and of lighting purposes, she shifted over to a table. Where obviously she read with much interest.

Soon enough, Ivan came and Adlina and Casey took his phone (he has an awesome phone :o). Then we gossiped more, and blablabla. Adlina and Casey took their bags, then Alya went to take her book, and I took my bag. While Adlina and Alya went to return their Form 1 books and receive their Form 2's, Casey and I were left alone. Then there was this noise. We went outside, and the wind was heavenly :)

Blablabla, we all went back to lepak. Then Ivan, Zexian and Aswad came. And so did Aishah and Ain. That separated into two groups. Me, Aishah and Ain were pulling each other's hair, with Alya occasionally muttering 'you're weird' to us; the rest of them did something at a table.

So yeah. It was fun. Had retarded times :)
And apparently Ain & Aishah can fight over just about anything; even hairbands.
I got a feeling,
that tonight's gonna be a good good night. ♥

*very very special friend ;]