But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


I am gonna breathe slow.

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He was a boy, & she was a girl.

I finally did NOT have Subway for dinner this week :) It's an accomplishment.

Zhenling and I went to KH bengkel during rehat, to finish our jahitan project, since the sewing wasn't finished. Because Pn. Nor Akmal's had died and we needed to transport another sewing machine from another room, (thank god a senior was nice enough to do it) we used one period of IT. We reached the IT lab just as the bell rang, and found Encik Sivam angry at some people standing by the door.

I thought it was more polite to explain where we were, since he was in such foul mood. The converstion went like this ;
Aishah Encik Sivam

Uhh, sorry we're late cikgu. We were at the KH bengkel finishing a project.
Mm. Did you pass up your IT project already?
Oh. Umm, not yet.
Huh. Why?
'Cause my internet was down, so I couldn't go in.
What lah, all give me stupid excuses. See lah, so lazy to do. Like your KH project lah, so lazy. What lah you lazy people. So lazy.

Uhh, teacher? I passed up the first edition already, but I haven't uploaded the second one yet.
*looks happier* Oh? Ah, where where? *shows a screen filled with students' school accounts*
That one.
Oh, okay lah. Go go.

When will the projects end? There's so many! And these people think we have nothing better to do than complete pointless assignments. This all adds to the amount of homework they give us. Urgh. There is even a freaking exam on ICTL. I wonder if anyone's going to pass. Like humans care to study IT.

I got a feeling,
that tonight's gonna be a good good night. ♥