But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


Stuck in black and white.

I wanna know how it feels, to be fine alone.

I just arrived home from the MPH book sale. Heck, I spent a good 500 bucks on discounted books (: Mommy dearest bought a napkin-folding book -_- Well, at least she was generous enough to buy me the whole Darren Shan Demonata and a few other books. Very pleased :D

Anyway, I still need to finish my Marked, Vampire Kisses and Darren Shan Saga Trilogy II. Not to mention my homework. Should I start reading the other books? Well, I have already had a sneak peak at one of them. Okay, so maybe 3 chapters ;P Fine, yes, I've started reading another book. Whoots. Congrats to me. Truckload of books and truckload of homework. Try balancing that Aishah.

Well, since holidays is in a week's time, homework for this week ain't so important right? Since they're probably gonna give us another of those Cuti Terancang crap again. Nevertheless, I will read my books in the process :D Even though I might not get past 50% of every book xP

I got a feeling;
that tonight's gonna be a good good night. ♥