But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


It's no surprise.

A one in a million chance.

Oh my.
It's half-way through August and this is my first post for the month.

Oh well. Nothing much has changed. Except I haven't been going online much. And I've been skipping school more often. Guess still in that holiday mood since the H1N1 week off. I know, it's been a long time. But I feel so tired.

Anyway, I'm watching Stardust now. On this lonely Merdeka-celebrating school day which I happen to miss, because I'm craving my brains out for those keropok and Lurve crackers. Yes, I'm replacing my puasa. Some of you understand. Otherwise, just... tau-tau je laahh (:

I am in NEED of those Toggis. They're the most deliecious awesome kit-kat like chocolate you can ever get in Malaysia. Well, they are imported from Switzerland and bought at the airport.... But you know it. Malaysian chocolate ain't that delicious. And I know, I'm talking bad about my country in the most patriotic month of the year. How, ungrateful.

Oh, nevermind. Some people are more ungrateful than I am, I hope :P

I need to go do my overdue karangans now. Of which I happen to 'lose' xP
Or I'll just keep on watching Stardust.
Or read my Marked book, which was recommended by Weiwen and Alya; weeks & months ago.
Or maybe play games on Facebook, like Restaurant City.

Restaurant City surprisingly doesn't make me go hungry like that half a box of mouth-watering Swiss chocolate.

Which should be good, right?
Do you believe in magic?