But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


No matter what they gon' do.

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Every second chance begins with a first step.

I can't recall the last time I woke up at 5 without anyone waking me up.
OH WAIT. The time I still had my jet lag after I came back from England. Yeah. That was the last time.

Never have I woken up at five, read all four Seventeen magazines since June, finish two chapters of Jeffrey Archer, watched half-way through Superhero Movie, watched Step Up, and repeated the final showcase scene five times. Have you?

But I know I've found Channing Tatum very very hot. OHMAGAAAAA kind of hot. Which doesn't usually happen to me :D Even Alya and Zhenling say so, HEEEE.

I can faint just watching him in Step Up.

Oh yeah, I bought the DVD yesterday. I've been hooked since then. I haven't seen it in a looong time, and forgot how awesome it was.

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I'm starting to become Candace Flynn ;O
Aaaanywayyyyyy ;;

I'm addicted 8)
To the movie I mean.
And and the instrumental music they danced to at the showcase (x

But I think he's super hot :)
Ever since G.I.Joe :D

It's just that he's gonna marry (oh, wait, they're already married) to Jenna Dewan - awwww :) - and and he's 16 yrs older than me -.0" He was in freaking high school when I was born.

Alya agrees. So does Zhenling. And my aunty too. And and my cousin. Yeaaahhh, the cousin I wrote I wanted to lock up in the closet during English. Not that it's not true...


I got a feeling,
that tonight's gonna be a good good night. ♥


Somebody help me.

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Today, was...... neutral.

It was neutral because I went out to Alya, - and met Aswad so that counts as hanging out with him too right? Well, a bit. - and watched 2 movies (!) and found the nicest top in Kitschen (: Well, it was lime green with a vest, and Alya tried on the same top so we looked like staff there, but it was 77 bucks after discount T_T

After that, had to call my mom to pick us up, cause Alya's grandfather was in Kelana Jaya, so yeah. Later, go owned. Went out to Centrepoint Subway. After that went to McD. Saw Cikgu Jaafarrr :D He has a new daughter/son (I didn't ask xP)

Yeah, that's why. I was happy then sad, so combine them and it's .... neutral?

I suddenly feel so bad + emo + depressed T_T
I need Toggi.
I got a feeling,
that tonight's gonna be a good good night. ♥


In the misty morning.

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I. Feel. Lazyyyy.

I love Lee Mead 8)
You knowww, from Any Dream Will Do. On BBCE. The channel with the Weakest Link with tht weirdo woman xP Actually, I'm watching the show on YOUTUBE now. Eheh. It's so awesome. And I like the song, Joseph :D

I feel so laazzzyyyyy. I sound like Sabrina now -_______- Psht. I'm gonna watch Up with my family & Alya tomorrow (YAY!) and yeah, after that got Piano exam, yada yada yada....

I'm bored.
Just felt like blogging.
I got a feeling,
that tonight's gonna be a good good night. ♥


The memory I wanna forget.

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Yes, I haven't updated today. Anyway, Alya came 'round yesterday and today. We, yeah, the usual. Gossip, watched tv, twitter-ed, criticized. Was bored most of the time though.

Today, well, we kacau-ed Naqib. And this guy who claims his name is R. I found him on Facebook though. He's Reece Bradley. LOL?

Yeah yeah, boring post. Oh, and Sabrina and I are looking for 2 hot Belfast dudes on Facebook, while there are millions of people with the same names -___-' I know, my hand's tired from clicking 'next' too much. Maybe I need a break?

Or I could do one of these;;
- Practice piano or do piano homework for tonight's class
- Read Marked or Darren Shan
- Tweet on Twitter
- Plurk
- Continue my story

Hmm, the last one? Last three then :)
Byee !
I got a feeling,
that tonight's gonna be a good good night. ♥


'Fore I said amen.

Since I watched Gossip Girl yesterday, while talking to Alya on the phone and she knew exactly when Penn Badgley was on the screen because I kept on screaming if I saw him, - and I mean literally scream - I thought I'd rather make a hotness countdown then talking and drooling over them post after post.

So, let's see who's the top 5 hottest actors in history of hot actors ;P
*all the information are subject to change; I tend to be outdated (x

5th;Thomas Cruise Mapother IV

July 3rd, 1962
Married, blegh
He's a vegetarian
Huge fan of professional wrestling
Has a P-51D Mustang
(a.k.a. a freaking jet plane!)

Ioan Gruffudd

October 6th, 1973
Married, blegh.
Name pronounced 'Yo-wahn Grif-fith'
Welsh, from Cardiff.
Plays oboe :)

3rd;Alfred Thomas Highmore

February 14th, 1992
(Valentine's! xP)
Arsenal Fannn :D
Speaks French
Is so freaking adorable ;]

2nd;Edmund Patrick Cahill

January 15th, 1978
Mom is Italian and dad is Irish
Is a New York Rangers fan
Best known for playing Det. Don Flack <3 :D
Has a freaking cool accent 8)

1st;Penn Dayton Badgley

November 1st, 1986
Dating Blake Lively
Supports Arsenal :D
Was named after a tennis ball :P

1st;Skandar Amin Casper Keynes

September 5th, 1991
Is of Lebanese descent
Name means Alexander
Plays cornet and flute
Supports Arsenaaaalllllll :D :D

I'm practically dying.
Now I'm gonna faint in peace x)
I got a feeling,
that tonight's gonna be a good good night. ♥


Oh, I just can't take it.

You see how they just match each other?

CSI : New York.

Scratch that.
Detective Don Flack 8DD

Tell me you know who's Don Flack? No? Hmm, Eddie Cahill maybe? You don't?! ;O

He's one heck of a guy.

Edmund Patrick Cahill
January 15th
(I don't wanna say his age, he's too old :P)
Italian + Irish
2nd born
New York Rangers fan

He is soooooooooo hot ! *drools uncontrollably*

Need I say more? (;
I got a feeling,
that tonight's gonna be a good good night. ♥

And do it.

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You see those pretty little decorations?

I will NOT be going to school today :)
Or maybe I will. It depends on two retarded boys. Or someone will be veery upset.

I don't feel like going. But I do. You get that feeling too right? Because, well, only a third of the class will be there. Since the asrama students will be partying while we so-called study. Ain't that unfair? It's very unfair.

So, well, yeah. Plus I've got Sejarah todayy, URGH! I hate it. Sejarah sucks, teacher talks too much. I mean, really too much.

I need to chiiillllll. I feel like going to the movies and eat the yummy chicken nuggets at GSC and then critic/praise the movie makers later, then go googoo gaga over the hot guy in the movie while someone else agrees and another person disapproves. That's what I want. Or maybe go to MPH later and go read a book :P

Yes, that's it. Or just a good movie at home with no interuptions at home would be sufficient. But I've watched all the movies at least 2 times. Grr.

Now I have to go give someone the presentation. I can't wait for the guys any longer. LOL.

Oh, wait. NoorHanna Zakaria insisted on wishin her today even though her birthday's yesterday because today here would be yesterday there, in St. Louis. Yes, in America. So, yeah.

Happy Birthday loves ! :D
I got a feeling;
that tonight's gonna be a good good night. ♥


Stuck in black and white.

I wanna know how it feels, to be fine alone.

I just arrived home from the MPH book sale. Heck, I spent a good 500 bucks on discounted books (: Mommy dearest bought a napkin-folding book -_- Well, at least she was generous enough to buy me the whole Darren Shan Demonata and a few other books. Very pleased :D

Anyway, I still need to finish my Marked, Vampire Kisses and Darren Shan Saga Trilogy II. Not to mention my homework. Should I start reading the other books? Well, I have already had a sneak peak at one of them. Okay, so maybe 3 chapters ;P Fine, yes, I've started reading another book. Whoots. Congrats to me. Truckload of books and truckload of homework. Try balancing that Aishah.

Well, since holidays is in a week's time, homework for this week ain't so important right? Since they're probably gonna give us another of those Cuti Terancang crap again. Nevertheless, I will read my books in the process :D Even though I might not get past 50% of every book xP

I got a feeling;
that tonight's gonna be a good good night. ♥


Can't feel the ground.

It never grows old, never.

I used to be love drunk :D

I'm addicted to that song. It's. So. Friggin. Awesome! (:

Well, I feel like talking to someone. But she's not picking up her phone :( Oh well. Maybe she's at her grandparents' place? Oh, nevermind.

I feel like I'm talking to myself. I think I sound like a lifeless idiot -_- Well, the lifeless part is correct ;P Oh wellllll.

Hmm, this is getting boring. For some reason I blog. Even though I've got nothing to blog about. Yes, it's weird. I know. Maybe I'll continue my story. I have this story I'm working on with Alya. Well, that one's abandoned, but I feel like continuing it. And this other one is one that has been repeated 3 times. My stupid thumbdrive keeps on having problems just as I was getting into like, 10-15 pages of it. Urgh. It annoys me. Very much.

I know, I may not seem like the writing-stories type of girl. Well, maybe I do. But I don't expect I'd actually be writing one. I mean, I hardly even have time to go online and I wanna finish a story online? Even though I've got less than an hour to finish a day's homework. I mean, literally. I've got only an hour to finish homework. That sucks, bad.

Anyway, I'll continue my story now.
Ta-ta :)
I got a feeling;
that tonight's gonna be a good good night. ♥

In case you haven't heard.

Nothing in the world can bring me down.

Nothing can bring me down now :)
I love my counselor :D He's so awesomeeeee. And he's simply great in giving advice. He can get a degree in it :)

Whoots. Got off an hour's talk with my caretake (: We've come to the conclusion that the source of my emo-ness is ______ and tht person makes me feel emo. Yeah. Well, that's the simple way of putting it.

God. I'm bored.
I need someone to talk to.
I think I'll kacau the 53rd person on my YM list.

And yes, I actually counted ;)
I got a feeling,
that tonight's gonna be a good good night. ♥

I've had my run.

Feel it, feel the wind.

Oh, blogging is so boring. Especially when nothing interesting has happened to you.

I changed my blog layout though. It's more emo now. Red & black. And white. Haih. Been so freaking emo lately.

Oh yeah! Yeepeng brought her psychology book thingy. It analyses your numerology, English horoscope, Chinese horoscope and handwriting. The freaky thing is, it's so true ;O Not to mention addictive ;P Since Puan Tan and Puan Chia didn't come in for class, Zhenling and I dominated the little rectangular pink and blue freaky book for 3 periods. After reading like, everything about ourselves, we read about other people's horoscopes too.

Too bad Cikgu Farrah had to come in T_T My group had to do the Sivik presentation thing. I was suppose to be Ma Liang, the picture-come-to-life painting main character. Psht. I suck at acting. Even Ryan did it better than me. And he had only one role. The good thing about it was being pulled by Avyi and Semreeta so-called aggressively is fun :D

After that was some gotong-royong thingy. I had complained to Zhenling that I was emo. Well, actually the book said I had mood swings often. And withing 15 minutes I changed from happy to emo. Zhenling concluded that I was emopy ;P Then she pontenged with me. We went to the toilet and stayed there while I rant about this girl and this guy.

Like I always say ;
Aishah was born emo.
I got a feeling,
that tonight's gonna be a good good night.


It's no surprise.

A one in a million chance.

Oh my.
It's half-way through August and this is my first post for the month.

Oh well. Nothing much has changed. Except I haven't been going online much. And I've been skipping school more often. Guess still in that holiday mood since the H1N1 week off. I know, it's been a long time. But I feel so tired.

Anyway, I'm watching Stardust now. On this lonely Merdeka-celebrating school day which I happen to miss, because I'm craving my brains out for those keropok and Lurve crackers. Yes, I'm replacing my puasa. Some of you understand. Otherwise, just... tau-tau je laahh (:

I am in NEED of those Toggis. They're the most deliecious awesome kit-kat like chocolate you can ever get in Malaysia. Well, they are imported from Switzerland and bought at the airport.... But you know it. Malaysian chocolate ain't that delicious. And I know, I'm talking bad about my country in the most patriotic month of the year. How, ungrateful.

Oh, nevermind. Some people are more ungrateful than I am, I hope :P

I need to go do my overdue karangans now. Of which I happen to 'lose' xP
Or I'll just keep on watching Stardust.
Or read my Marked book, which was recommended by Weiwen and Alya; weeks & months ago.
Or maybe play games on Facebook, like Restaurant City.

Restaurant City surprisingly doesn't make me go hungry like that half a box of mouth-watering Swiss chocolate.

Which should be good, right?
Do you believe in magic?