But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


Without regrets.

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One tiny drop, and it shatters everything.

I am utterly bored. I feel like calling someone. But I have to wait for the cordless phone to charge up first.
Let's do a random tag I found in Faizal's blog, shall we?

How often do you lie?
- when i feel like it (:

Are you a good liar?
- nahh, not really xP

What is the worst (stupid) lie you have ever told?
- oh, erh ;;
your bottle is in italy now, maybe on a plane to africa, where it shattered and died. so the remains was shipped of to chicago, where it was burned. then the ashes were swept away to paris, where they compact it into a small cube of zhenling's bottle ashes. then a truck driver drove it to russia. where suddenly, it magically came back here and became your bottle, full of water. all in a matter of 60seconds *smiles*"

Did you fool your parents?
- sometimes x)

Have you ever been caught in a lie?
- yeahp, many times, many times.

Do you cheat on tests?
- sometimes, i catch a glimpse of smart people's answers.

Have you ever been caught cheating on a test?
- nopedydoo.

Have you ever cheated on a bf or gf?
- since when did i have a boyfriend?

Have you ever been caught cheating on your bf or gf?
- maybe ;P

Are you currently in Love?
- yes yes, pretty muchh.

If so, with who?
- this certain guy, ofcoursee.

When was the last time you were in love?
- lhmm, sorta like a millisecond ago.

How many times have you really been in love?
- define 'really been in love'

How often do you tell your parents you love them?
- not tht muchh since i was 7.

Have you ever said I love you and not meant it?
- nope.

Have you ever said I love you but Im not in Love with you?
- erh, felt like it though.

Are you a slave to love?
- HAHAHA yeahp yeahp.

Do you love yourself?
- meh, nt really.

What is the best thing about Love?
- being stupid together <3

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