But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


Tryna' make it sweet.

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If only it would've been that colourful.

I need to sleep early. At least before one. Or I'll end up sleepless tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after, and so on. It's not fun being sleepless. Not fun at all. It sucks. Especially when you have family like I do. Those who gets pissed easily and would just scream in your face if you're not in front of their face in 3 seconds flat, no matter what happened. That just sucks. Sucks baadd. And it sucks that people seem to move faster than you do. And write, and eat, and read, and just about do everything faster. It makes me feel slow. Not the greatest feeling.

And my mom's nagging about how I don't study for exams. Truth is, I do. It just all doesn't go into my head. So I figured, why waste my time studying when nothing ever goes in no matter how many times I read the same sentence? And I thought they said spend time wisely and don't waste them. Aishah studying IS a waste of time. It just is. But reading Darren Shan is a good use. A very good use of time. Darren Shan rocks! And all thanks to the along and nerd. School-wide known as Aswad and Alya. Oh, and the recent birthday-boy Avyi. He started reading it first, when Alya saw it and I saw it after she pointed the book out. Yeah, I know. You didn't really need to know that.

Oh well. Yikes! 12:51. I should be in bed. Since my goal was before 1. Which is 9 minutes - now 8 - away.

Well, nights!

Naaahhhh! I'm not that rajin. It'll be at least 120, I'm sure ;D

Here's a real goodbye.
Do you believe in magic?