But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


Sitting next to me,

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Here, here's my heart ; just don't break it.

Yay ! Finally, I'm online :D I'm suppose to be grounded. No internet AT ALL. My dad said that, but my mom's suppose to choose how long. And she didn't tell me how long I was grounded. So, I assume it's over. At least, I do. I know she's still banning me from it. But, oh well :)

On Wednesday, everyone got free sanitizers. Goofy sanitizers, the Disney thingy ones. How cute. In class, we has sejarah first period? Yeah, then Yi Rou & Arman came it, while he held a box. Yi Rou started asking if anyone took more than one sanitizers. Yeahp. Spot check for sanitizers.

After that, she started spot checking people's bags. I couldn't say everyone, since she skipped Weiwen and moved on to me, so, yeah. Not exactly that fair. And she thought Zhenling's erasers were sweets. Wait, it did look like sweets. What la, Zhenling. Then, Pn Zaini got irritated and asked her to skip two rows and go out 'cause she wanted to continue her lecture.

Then, I got bored. I opened my bottle of sanitizer, then Pn Zaini got annoyed. WTF? So then, she stayed 15 mins after her period ended. Ookay. Then, brought Chritina to rehat with me. She and Adam gossiped a lot, and I mean ALOT.

After that, seni.
Where the war begins.

Sanitizers were EVERYWHERE. And thanks to some people, I accidentally sat on one dullop; which was meant for Weiwen. How happy was she. The rest of the day was mainly that. My bottle of sanitizer finished. Awh. I gave it to Christina then.

That was Wednesday.
Yesterday, was awesomeness.
Well, not the whole day.
But at the end of it :)

Now, I need to ask someone to borrow their Geo book. Stuupid Nalini. Hope it's her last day here. That's what I heard though. If it is true, I'd jump with joy.

Do you believe in magic?