But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


Just get back up.

Photography. Pictures, Images and Photos
They're scattered on the floor, just like that ;; just like my heart.

Yeeeee. I loathe my cousin.
Mahai woman.

Anyway, I feel sorta emo now. Again. But slightly happy that you two are okay again. I don't like to see both of you emo or mad or angry.

Haih. Actually, all three of my cousins are here. And I like neither of them. They piss me off in different ways. I'm probably the normal one around them;; and I'm not even normal.

Here I am, in the hospital lounge, fingers freezing to death while blogging about my sohai cousins.

In hospital, you wonder?
Well, something happened to my grandmother, god knows what. And somehow or rather, I have a feeling my aunty, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, other aunty and oother uncle are mad at me. Or maybe not my other uncle, he's sorta blur. But the rest of them.

Haih. Apparenly they don't know how a 21st century 13-year old wild retard act.

I'm randoming now.

Do you believe in magic?