But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


Forget yesterday.

If only I dared to.

Forget yesterday indeed. Exams are officially over. Can you believe that? Hell's over. No more pressure for A's. No more textbooks after an exhausting day at school. No more excessive scolding for being too stubborn to study. No more boring 45 minutes. No more secretly reading Darren Shan. Well, until the next exam, that is.

I. Am. Free.

You know when else I feel free? When I look back on the old days. You know how ridiculous you could've been, just a decade ago? The time when people laugh at you, over matters that they boil up upon now. Like trouble. They would smile whever you tried to hide or lie. Now, you'll just get grounded for lying.

Just under an hour ago, I asked my mom why she stopped taking endless pictures of me, like she used to when I was a toddler. She said, I was cappable of taking my own photos and she there were just too many cameras in the household to handle. She also found a small note I once gave my dad, written on one of those telephone messages paper. It read ;

Kpd : Papa
Drpd : Aishah
Cara : Menelefon
Mesej : Mama want to ikat me! Talk to her
[insert scrawly so-called 'signature' here]

You see? I actually believed my own mother wanted to tie me up -.- Kids. How I wish I had that kind of freedom now :)
Do you believe in magic?