But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


Call, I'm sick.

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This is just to let you know I'm still alive.
I'm too lazy to blogg.

Oh well.
This morning was the enrollment, stepping up and stepping down ceremony.
Had to wake up so blardy early in the morning.
That's gotta beat my record.

Anyway, actually woke up at 6.
Shower a bit.
Tie my hair.
Forced myself to eat breakfast.
Tried to wear my nursing cap properly.
Panicked cause I lost my socks.
Reached school.
Still dark,
even the blardy sun wasn't awake yet.
Then, thought I was the only form1.
Found Sam and Amanda Lim.
Talked with them.
More people came.
Puteri and I had problems with our caps.
Asked Devinaa to help.
Helped Yee Peng with keluar baris.
Manoj asked to masuk baris.
Lent Farina a hairnet.
Manoj asked to sit down.
Aaron went around with a t-shirt full of nametags.
(so frickin cute la he! xD)
Found mine next to Sam's :D
Apparently almost everyone's chinese names were not to their liking.
Like, Weiwen hated her W.W.Goh.
So did Sam and her C.Y.Ong.
Sam's looked weird though,
Never called her by her chinese name before.
So, yeah.
They were not that happy.
But oh well.
Mine was plain ol' Aishah.
Good enough.
Then had to sing St Johns song.
Manoj got pissed.
Kena pumping 20times.
And cannot brush our hands.
Was disrespectful.
Then, Madame Audrey came.
The whole ceremony started.
Stupid En Ismail go talk so long.
Suddenly someone fell.
Think it was someone from Dahlia.
Then Amirah was sweating like mad
& looking nervous.
So Hashveena brought her to canteen.
Then I saw Weiwen squat down.
So did Avyi.
*Ohmigosh, so hella load of people!*
Then, Hui Ying brought Afiqah.
If Sue Li went also;
I would be alone mann!
So, then.
The teacher was like;
I kena stop and blablabla.
FINALLY he stopped.
Almost 10 ppl went to canteen within his speech.
Is he blind or something?
People are dying cause of him;
And he's still babbling up there.
Then Madame Audrey's turn.
She was okay lah.
Sounded nice.
Then Derek brought Ming Li to canteen.
When Niki said the enrollment was about to start;
Avyi and Weiwen ran to their places.
Then Puteri squat down.

Then walk walk walk
Yeeee !
So happy !
And Madame Audery wasn't that scary either.
She sounded friendly.
But I still didn't want her to scold me or anything.
Then waited, and blablabla.
Took group photo.
Squished between flag poles.
Then go to hall.
Stepping up and stepping down ceremony.
The 2008/2009 BOD talk about their reports.
What they did within the year.
Then, they went up the stage.
Everyone gave them a standing ovation :D
They looked sad.
Well, it was sad.
Then, one by one the new BOD went up.
Aaron was storekeeper.
Sunshine was activity coordinator.
Hong Ling was ... erh ... [insert Pei Yeen's job here] xD
Aivee was head of footdrill.
Cynthia was head of public relations.
Derek was tresurer.
Nikita was secretary.
Manoj was head chairman.
Congrats guys!

Then, went home.
Finished off some piano homework.
Slept for a bit.
Mom woke me up.
Had to go to blardy piano.
Too damn lazy.
Threw a tantrum.
Screamed and banged doors.
Mom is still pissed with me.
I'm still pissed with her.
Dad pissed with her.
Cause she won't talk to him.
Dad is pissed so is scolding me.
I'm pissed at him for scolding me.
For nothing.

So yeah.
Screw them.
And I told Alya about the Sivik project.
There 7 ppl in 2 groups.
So, ours was the usual.
But Avyi wanted Alya.
So took Ashreena instead.
Now Alya wants me in her group.
I'm torn.

The agony of choice.

Do you believe in magic?