But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


But I want to.

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Everything's slow motion when you're here.

Suddenly, I have this instant crave for chocolate. Or maybe a Starbucks. No, wait, it's chocolate. Yeah, chocolate. especially those long curly grated chocolate. Yumm! I feel like doing chocolate cookies. I mean, I just need to get the stuff out of the kitchen cupboards and try to do everything correctly. Then I should have a fresh batch of delicious looking chocolate biscuits sitting on a burning metal tray. Or they could just come out burnt and taste like burnt chocolate cookies.

I remember, I use to wish a friend would come over, and we'd bake cookies. Like they do in movies, or books. It would probably be fun. Well, that's how it usually looks like. I need chocolate biscuits.

Now, to satisfy my crave, I'm going to raid my fridges and try to find some chocolate. Chances are, they're gone. But, maybe this will hold it off until someone buys new chocolate (:

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And this for my boy-craze lately (:

Oh, the gawjus Skandar Keynes <3
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