But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


Begging for forgiveness,

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I miss writing in paragraphs.

Wheeeeeeeee. Back to paragraphs.

So, I've been looking back through all my old posts. Haih. I used a different type of vocabulary. A worse one. And I feel weird writing in paragraphs now. Too used to center writing, but it still looked weird. Oh well.

Dang it. I miss the old times. Example ; 2008. Where everyone knew everyone else. And when you could tease the teachers without getting a whack. Even the scary-looking discipline teacher. HAHAHA.

I miss Cikgu Jaafar :) He's so nice. But scary. But nice :D

And Puan Junaidah. Scary looking also. But nice. And makes you get A's for karangans without you knowing it. So chun riiight? ;)

And and Puan Wan Chek. So chun ! HAHAH

Oh dayumn. I'm talking about last year. At 12.52 in the morning :O I'm gonna die tomorrow weyhhh. Haih. Kena pumping. Oh well. I'd BETTER get up tomorrow.

Aishah's going to go to sleep now.


Ciao :)
Do you believe in magic?