But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


Forget yesterday.

If only I dared to.

Forget yesterday indeed. Exams are officially over. Can you believe that? Hell's over. No more pressure for A's. No more textbooks after an exhausting day at school. No more excessive scolding for being too stubborn to study. No more boring 45 minutes. No more secretly reading Darren Shan. Well, until the next exam, that is.

I. Am. Free.

You know when else I feel free? When I look back on the old days. You know how ridiculous you could've been, just a decade ago? The time when people laugh at you, over matters that they boil up upon now. Like trouble. They would smile whever you tried to hide or lie. Now, you'll just get grounded for lying.

Just under an hour ago, I asked my mom why she stopped taking endless pictures of me, like she used to when I was a toddler. She said, I was cappable of taking my own photos and she there were just too many cameras in the household to handle. She also found a small note I once gave my dad, written on one of those telephone messages paper. It read ;

Kpd : Papa
Drpd : Aishah
Cara : Menelefon
Mesej : Mama want to ikat me! Talk to her
[insert scrawly so-called 'signature' here]

You see? I actually believed my own mother wanted to tie me up -.- Kids. How I wish I had that kind of freedom now :)
Do you believe in magic?


I know in time.

summer Pictures, Images and Photos
It's clear, crystal clear. Just like your heart.

Y'know, when I went to the night market in Taman Tun with my dad just now, the lady at the stall gave me these tiny round purple fruit, then she spoke to me in Chinese. I guessed she asked me to ask my dad to taste it. It was actually grapes. Very tiny delicious ones. It's smaller then a 1 sen coin. That's how small it is. Immediately, my father added a box of it to all the fruits we bought.

When I got home, I took the plastic box out and washed the tiny grapes. A few of them came off and rolled down, to the drain. Thank god it wasn't tiny enough to roll through the holes, or I would lost a whole bunch of 'em added together. I put them in a bowl, and went around the house 'You want?'. All of them refused it, but ate it anyways because of curiosity.

They're so cute!
Yes, I should stop blogging about grapes. I mean, it's fruit. Who eats fruits? Okay, lame question. I'll go. Lovess (:
Do you believe in magic?

When everything is wrong.

Summer. Pictures, Images and Photos
You and me, sitting on a tree.

You know what's weird? When someone you know, but don't specifically know, texts you and thinks you're another person. And he has been texting you like normal, still not knowing your true identity. That's just way freaky.

Anyway, I found out that I actually enjoy watching Courage the Cowardly Dog. And I'm not one for cartoons. Well, other than Phineas and Ferb of course. Come to think of it, both cartoons have the same plot for each episode they have;

Phineas and Ferb always get bored, do an invention, Phineas asks where's Perry the Platypus, the TV shows Perry the Platypus going to HQ, he goes to Doofenshmirtz, Doofenshmirtz says hi, somehow Perry stops him, the silly invention done at Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc gets into trouble, Phineas and Ferb gets into trouble, Isabelle and her girl guides help, Candace sees Phineas and Ferb's invention, she calls the mother, Doofenshmirtz's destroys it, the mother sees Hpines and Ferb doing harmless things, and Candace gets owned.

Courage does something, an evil monster comes up, it eats the old lady, Muriel I think and Courage comes to the rescue. Oh, and the old man doesn't believe him.

Yeah. I'm jobless. Haha.
Do you believe in magic?

But I want to.

Splash of Color Pictures, Images and Photos
Everything's slow motion when you're here.

Suddenly, I have this instant crave for chocolate. Or maybe a Starbucks. No, wait, it's chocolate. Yeah, chocolate. especially those long curly grated chocolate. Yumm! I feel like doing chocolate cookies. I mean, I just need to get the stuff out of the kitchen cupboards and try to do everything correctly. Then I should have a fresh batch of delicious looking chocolate biscuits sitting on a burning metal tray. Or they could just come out burnt and taste like burnt chocolate cookies.

I remember, I use to wish a friend would come over, and we'd bake cookies. Like they do in movies, or books. It would probably be fun. Well, that's how it usually looks like. I need chocolate biscuits.

Now, to satisfy my crave, I'm going to raid my fridges and try to find some chocolate. Chances are, they're gone. But, maybe this will hold it off until someone buys new chocolate (:

my photography! :) Pictures, Images and Photos

And this for my boy-craze lately (:

Oh, the gawjus Skandar Keynes <3
Do you believe in magic?

Waste your days with thinking.

rainbow color splash Pictures, Images and Photos
One drop, that's all it takes.

How is it possible its 2:43? I can NOT have just woken up 45 minutes ago. I can't. It's just not possible. I mean, logically, a human cannot just sleep more than 12 hours just like that. Okay, so maybe it is possible, but it's rare. Just not me. God, I NEED to sleep early. I do! I'm sleeping at 10 tonight. No kidding. Okay, maybe 11. But that's as late as it's gonna get.

Great. It's almost 3 and I haven't moved my butt from the laptop at all. I've wasted half the day and I'm probably just gonna waste it again for the rest of the day. Hahaha. Yes, I'm going back to my oh-so-awesome Darren Shan. Ciao!
Do you believe in magic?

Tryna' make it sweet.

glitter Pictures, Images and Photos
If only it would've been that colourful.

I need to sleep early. At least before one. Or I'll end up sleepless tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after, and so on. It's not fun being sleepless. Not fun at all. It sucks. Especially when you have family like I do. Those who gets pissed easily and would just scream in your face if you're not in front of their face in 3 seconds flat, no matter what happened. That just sucks. Sucks baadd. And it sucks that people seem to move faster than you do. And write, and eat, and read, and just about do everything faster. It makes me feel slow. Not the greatest feeling.

And my mom's nagging about how I don't study for exams. Truth is, I do. It just all doesn't go into my head. So I figured, why waste my time studying when nothing ever goes in no matter how many times I read the same sentence? And I thought they said spend time wisely and don't waste them. Aishah studying IS a waste of time. It just is. But reading Darren Shan is a good use. A very good use of time. Darren Shan rocks! And all thanks to the along and nerd. School-wide known as Aswad and Alya. Oh, and the recent birthday-boy Avyi. He started reading it first, when Alya saw it and I saw it after she pointed the book out. Yeah, I know. You didn't really need to know that.

Oh well. Yikes! 12:51. I should be in bed. Since my goal was before 1. Which is 9 minutes - now 8 - away.

Well, nights!

Naaahhhh! I'm not that rajin. It'll be at least 120, I'm sure ;D

Here's a real goodbye.
Do you believe in magic?


Had I known.

How about to hide here and never face the world?

I'm currently addicted to Click Five. I know, I know. I'm not stupid. They're old. But they're just awesome. Haha. After finding out I've got these long lost Click Five piano notes, I just had to listen to the songs one more time. The one more time became two times, that became three, and that became a gazillion. It's on repeat now ;D haha.

Now, someone showed me this morphing thingy majigy. It's so cool! But slow. So, I have to wait. And waiting sucks. Haha.

And I think I need one of Click Five's song on my phone. I'm sure it'll brighten my day, every morning. 'Cause I usually wake up oh-so early and I feel groggy. Yes, I think 10:30am is early. Early enough, for me.

This post really doesn't have a point. Maybe it's my latest addiction to the hottay Eric Dill? (: He rocks Click Five.

But what can you say, you're gonna have a good day.
Do you believe in magic?

Finally ready to.

photography Pictures, Images and Photos
I could've smiled, but I just didn't want to.

Of course. No one's online at 8:49 in the morning. That's just ridiculous.

Except for the fact that I had someone, probably, trying to bang my door down at 8. Well, it sounded like it. I was summoned to go to the market. Which, obviously, I didn't go. Just because I was too lazy to get out of the car and walk around finding cheap veges I don't even eat. And I don't exactly want to get stared at as 'the-girl-who's-wearing-a-coca-cola-t-shirt-and-keeps-on-holding-her-so-called-designer-jeans'. That's because my jeans are too loose.

So my dad decided to get breakfast. I had the choice. He even gave McD as an option, which he hardly ever does. But since I didn't brush my teeth yet, I didn't exactly have an appetite. So, I thought one of those rm1 nasi lemak from the road side stalls would suffice.

Conclusion ;; Waking up in the morning simply sucks, just because I don't like people banging on the door. Hah.

Do you believe in magic?


Da Da Da Da, Da Da Da

It's a language.

This is boring. This is really really boring. I need to find something else to do.

Hmm. I'm afraid I'm not following you very well. 'Cause last time, I could see that it was pretty obvious you hated me. Not like it's not that obvious now. But I know you still hate me. And I also know that you think I hate you, but I don't. Well, maybe I do know, but I don't hate you. Yeah, that was just so you know.

Now, I can enjoy my Indiana Jones movie. The Last Crusade.
Or at least I think I can.

Do you believe in magic?

And don't you know.

Photography2. Pictures, Images and Photos
Autumn leaves fall, and so do I.

Aishah needs to sleep earlier next time.
I'm sleeping late and waking up an hour before school. That just sucks.

And all these weird people are adding me in facebook. I don't even know who they are. And they're all so freaky looking O.o

I need a reason to go to school. I don't find it crucial. I miss the good old times. When there was no school. When there was NO school. You were free. Now you wake up, you bathe, you wear an ugly uniform, and then you go to prison for 7 hours. After that, you go back to prison at 'home'. It's so useless. T_T

Okay. I'm done complaining about that now.
I need life.
Do you believe in magic?


She's got my lovin'.

I tried to reach out, I really tried.

I'm bored.

I'm going youtubing instead.
Do you believe in magic?


It's like the whole world stops.

St. Johns Annual Dinner.
How was it?


It was so so so so so *speechless*

Alya came over at around 4:45. She said she wanted to come here earlier, but she didn't say what time. Apparently, she chose to come exactly the time when I was in the shower. Great. Nice timing, lady. Anyway, we went blog surfing for a while. Then compared dresses, shoes, bags, eyeliner & gossip. Ha-ha. Changed into out dresses, 'cause we wanted to see how it looks like. Then some people came to fog the area, 'cause of the dengue thingy. So, yeah. After that, I was panicking 'cause I couldn't find my earrings. Found out, it was right in front of my face. -.-"

When I arrived, I saw that most of the Form 1's were there already. And most of them were wearing black. Coolio. The performances we're so cool. And the dancefloor. So, yeah.

Results of having too much fun at a school dinner ;; Mad cough and sore throat. Ouch.

Never ever ever scream too much.
But people usually just don't care.
Like I did.

*I'll give you the pictures when I've finally found my phone cable.*
It loves hide n seek, apparently.

Kudo's to Sexayh Soo (;

Do you believe in magic?


The very first time.

happy birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

Happy Birthday to me. Yay. I'm thirteen.
Thanks to Ayesyah, Sam, Jiayingg, Hana, Camillia, Nabila, Hanna, Tiara, Elyza, Aiman, Afy, Faizal, Huwaida, Ashh, Alya, Esha, Soolingg, Harishe & Aswad fr the sweet wishes :D

Can't wait for the annual dinner tonight.
Do you believe in magic?


With a piece of paper.

photography Pictures, Images and Photos
There you see her. Floating in the blue lagoon.

Goshh. I'm old. Tomorrow's my birthday. Oh dear. 0.0

I decided to change my blog playlist. (:
I really have nothing to blog about. Hmm.

Maybe I'll blog whenever I need to.

Do you believe in magic?


And be somebody, yeah, anybody.

t-pain and t-sweezy (taylor swift) Pictures, Images and Photos
It's a Thug Story.
Tell me can you handle that?

Awh, I love her. The one with the heartbreak songs is rapping with T-pain. How cute! Could you have imagined?
"You'd never thought I'd be rapping hardcore"

Oh my. I'm so emo. Hmm. I probably need someone to scream me to go to school if I'm going to bed like this. I'm probably wake up at 11, physically wake up at 1130, and mentally wake up at 12. Total sleep-addict.

Oh well. People are asking me to sleep already.

I'm probably go to bed now. And dream about my beloved Jimi Gruffudd. Yes, I met him last night and mind you, he is rather charming.

Do you believe in magic?

To the shadows of regrets.

Photography Pictures, Images and Photos
Suicide ;; the best solution.

Goshh, I'm so emooo.
Been listening to Sum 41's Best Of Me & Lesley Roy's Unbeautiful.
Yes, very emo songs.

Hmm. I wonder if I should come to school tomorrow. As much as I want to, I'm not sure I can. Cause, I mean, who wants to go to school other than see friends right? And I need that big-o belt for my dress, & a shorter necklace for the dinner. The necklace isn't that necessary, just the belt. But then again, it's another reason to go shopping. :)

Hmm. Or maybe I should bribe Alya's mom to help bring me, since they're both going somewhere to do something for a speacial occasion, right? ;) So, I don't know. Help me?

Oh well. I'm going back to my emo-ing. And pissing Alya off with that. HAHA :D

And I think I'm gonna get sick next. First my grandma, then my cousin, then my mom. I'll bet it's either my aunt or me next. :S

Do you believe in magic?


Wherever you are.

titanic Pictures, Images and Photos
Do you trust me?

Aishah loves Titanic.

It's so freaking romantic & sad.
It makes me go 'goshh'. Everything about it.
And it's so sad, like 'ohemgee'.
And Rose is so friggin lucky to know someone like Jack, like 'awwh, goshh'.
And and Leo DiCaprio looks friggin hot, like 'ohmygawwddd'.

I told you it makes me go ..... ohmygoshh.
And it's so freaking sadd.

Well, I bet everyone's seen it. Or that particular person who hasn't seen it should be more lifeless than I am. Since it's the most popular movie off all time.

The sad part never fails to make me feel so sad. Well, yeah, of course. But, I'll watch the movie in silence and awe while you .... do whatever you want, kay?

love Pictures, Images and Photos
I'll never let go. I'll never let go, Jack.

Do you believe in magic?


Without regrets.

puddle Pictures, Images and Photos
One tiny drop, and it shatters everything.

I am utterly bored. I feel like calling someone. But I have to wait for the cordless phone to charge up first.
Let's do a random tag I found in Faizal's blog, shall we?

How often do you lie?
- when i feel like it (:

Are you a good liar?
- nahh, not really xP

What is the worst (stupid) lie you have ever told?
- oh, erh ;;
your bottle is in italy now, maybe on a plane to africa, where it shattered and died. so the remains was shipped of to chicago, where it was burned. then the ashes were swept away to paris, where they compact it into a small cube of zhenling's bottle ashes. then a truck driver drove it to russia. where suddenly, it magically came back here and became your bottle, full of water. all in a matter of 60seconds *smiles*"

Did you fool your parents?
- sometimes x)

Have you ever been caught in a lie?
- yeahp, many times, many times.

Do you cheat on tests?
- sometimes, i catch a glimpse of smart people's answers.

Have you ever been caught cheating on a test?
- nopedydoo.

Have you ever cheated on a bf or gf?
- since when did i have a boyfriend?

Have you ever been caught cheating on your bf or gf?
- maybe ;P

Are you currently in Love?
- yes yes, pretty muchh.

If so, with who?
- this certain guy, ofcoursee.

When was the last time you were in love?
- lhmm, sorta like a millisecond ago.

How many times have you really been in love?
- define 'really been in love'

How often do you tell your parents you love them?
- not tht muchh since i was 7.

Have you ever said I love you and not meant it?
- nope.

Have you ever said I love you but Im not in Love with you?
- erh, felt like it though.

Are you a slave to love?
- HAHAHA yeahp yeahp.

Do you love yourself?
- meh, nt really.

What is the best thing about Love?
- being stupid together <3

Tagged :

Do you believe in magic?

But I'm going on.

Color Splash Pictures, Images and Photos
It's just you and me against the world.

I feel like privating my blog.
Should I?
I love The Nanny Diaries.
Just because Harvard Hottie is so freaking hot 8D

I've got nothing to blog about nowadays. It's getting boring.
Fishh, I feel like eating Baskin Robbins :\
You life my feet off the ground,
You spin me around
Do you believe in magic?

Let's live it up.

CUTE kIDS Pictures, Images and Photos
My very own kindergarten.

Damnit. I'm skipping school.
I have this stupid cough and I've got to get better before this Friday.

I'm getting addicted to Friends For Sale.
Except some irritating super-rich people have all the super-cool pets.

I don't even know why I'm blogging. I'm so bored.
I know some people are having super funn (x

Oh oh, I'm addicted to this new songg ! (:
I got a feeling,
that tonight's gonna be a good night
Do you believe in magic?


California bound.

These songs are played for you ;; only you.

Goshh, that picture is so nice!
I feel like doing a tag.
I'm so bored.
I want to call him, but he's apparently too busy.
Hmm. Aishah is so freaking bored.
Do you believe in magic?

Call, I'm desperate for your voice.

mertt Pictures, Images and Photos
Rain, rain ;; don't go away.

I love youtube. It has potential to calm me when I curse endlessly.

You wake up, it's raining and it's monday
Looks like one of those rough days
Time's up, you're late again, so get out the door
Sometimes you feel like running
Find a whole new life and jump in
Let go, get up and hit the dance floor
But when the lights go down it's the ending of the show
And you're feeling like you got nowhere to go
Don't you know

You can change your hair and you can change your clothes
You can change your mind, that's just the way it goes
You can say goodbye, you can say hello
But you'll always find your way back home

You can change your style, you can change your jeans
You can learn to fly and you can chase your dreams
You can laugh and cry but everybody knows
You'll always find your way back home

Your best friends, your little hometown
Are waiting up wherever you go now
You know you can always turn around
Cos this world, it's big and it's crazy
And this girl is thinking that maybe
This life is what some people dream about
Cause when I'm feeling down and I am all alone
I've always got a place where I can go
Cause I know

You can change your hair and you can change your clothes
You can change your mind, that's just the way it goes
You can say goodbye, you can say hello
But you'll always find your way back home

You can change your style, you can change your jeans
You can learn to fly and you can chase your dreams
You can laugh and cry but everybody knows
You'll always find your way back home

Where they know exactly who you are
Back home where the real you is the superstar
Back home, you know it's never too far away
Let me hear you say

You can change your hair and you can change your clothes
You can change your mind, that's just the way it goes
You can say goodbye, you can say hello
But you'll always find your way back

You can change your hair and you can change your clothes
You can change your mind, that's just the way it goes
You can say goodbye, you can say hello
But you'll always find your way back home

You can change your style, you can change your jeans
You can learn to fly and you can chase your dreams
You can laugh and cry but everybody knows
You'll always find your way back home
You'll always find your way back home

Credits to Sabrina Tan for addicting me to this song. (:

You, can't you understand? I just want to relax! You ask me to rest, but the way I rest is different. I know that the way I relax is not your definition of relaxing. I can't do anything, at all this way. I'm not like you. I don't want to be like you. You're wrong. You think you can own me and control me, but truth is, you can't. I still have my own mind. I know what's right and what's wrong. I can think. Unlike you.

Never in my thirteen years have I known such a person.
And now you came in, and you're never going out.
Thank you.
For making my life miserable until the end of time.


There. I'm done emo-ing.
I guess.
Do you believe in magic?


Just get back up.

Photography. Pictures, Images and Photos
They're scattered on the floor, just like that ;; just like my heart.

Yeeeee. I loathe my cousin.
Mahai woman.

Anyway, I feel sorta emo now. Again. But slightly happy that you two are okay again. I don't like to see both of you emo or mad or angry.

Haih. Actually, all three of my cousins are here. And I like neither of them. They piss me off in different ways. I'm probably the normal one around them;; and I'm not even normal.

Here I am, in the hospital lounge, fingers freezing to death while blogging about my sohai cousins.

In hospital, you wonder?
Well, something happened to my grandmother, god knows what. And somehow or rather, I have a feeling my aunty, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, other aunty and oother uncle are mad at me. Or maybe not my other uncle, he's sorta blur. But the rest of them.

Haih. Apparenly they don't know how a 21st century 13-year old wild retard act.

I'm randoming now.

Do you believe in magic?


This will be a tough act to follow.

This seems to calm me a bit more.
Better than my so-called counselor :P

I just wanted to tell you that there ARE things that will de-emo me.
It's meant for you Alya.

The only teeny-weeny problem is that things such as the 'relaxing' one above are hard to find. Took me almost as hour to find what would make me at least chill.

Oh god.
Do you believe in magic?

Let's shout.

photography Pictures, Images and Photos
Everything became colourless when you left.

Hey people.
I'm emo.
Veery emo.

;; I wonder why I even bother to try to be nice to you. I mean, you don't acknowledge it in any way at ALL. I heard that you hated me, and I didn't want to lose a friend. Instead, I tried to tolerate you and tried to be nice to you. I thought maybe it would help, cause you're such a nice person. But apparently, I don't mean anything to you. I bet you, I won't create any effect to you whatsoever if I just ignored you back, because obviously, it's what you want.

See? I told you.

I need a counselor.
A really good one, since my temporary one sucks. No offence ;D

I think I need to do something to un-emo myself. I hope it works. If it doesn't, I'd probably complain about it here, as usual.

Do you believe in magic?

Sitting next to me,

photography Pictures, Images and Photos
Here, here's my heart ; just don't break it.

Yay ! Finally, I'm online :D I'm suppose to be grounded. No internet AT ALL. My dad said that, but my mom's suppose to choose how long. And she didn't tell me how long I was grounded. So, I assume it's over. At least, I do. I know she's still banning me from it. But, oh well :)

On Wednesday, everyone got free sanitizers. Goofy sanitizers, the Disney thingy ones. How cute. In class, we has sejarah first period? Yeah, then Yi Rou & Arman came it, while he held a box. Yi Rou started asking if anyone took more than one sanitizers. Yeahp. Spot check for sanitizers.

After that, she started spot checking people's bags. I couldn't say everyone, since she skipped Weiwen and moved on to me, so, yeah. Not exactly that fair. And she thought Zhenling's erasers were sweets. Wait, it did look like sweets. What la, Zhenling. Then, Pn Zaini got irritated and asked her to skip two rows and go out 'cause she wanted to continue her lecture.

Then, I got bored. I opened my bottle of sanitizer, then Pn Zaini got annoyed. WTF? So then, she stayed 15 mins after her period ended. Ookay. Then, brought Chritina to rehat with me. She and Adam gossiped a lot, and I mean ALOT.

After that, seni.
Where the war begins.

Sanitizers were EVERYWHERE. And thanks to some people, I accidentally sat on one dullop; which was meant for Weiwen. How happy was she. The rest of the day was mainly that. My bottle of sanitizer finished. Awh. I gave it to Christina then.

That was Wednesday.
Yesterday, was awesomeness.
Well, not the whole day.
But at the end of it :)

Now, I need to ask someone to borrow their Geo book. Stuupid Nalini. Hope it's her last day here. That's what I heard though. If it is true, I'd jump with joy.

Do you believe in magic?


Begging for forgiveness,

. Pictures, Images and Photos
I miss writing in paragraphs.

Wheeeeeeeee. Back to paragraphs.

So, I've been looking back through all my old posts. Haih. I used a different type of vocabulary. A worse one. And I feel weird writing in paragraphs now. Too used to center writing, but it still looked weird. Oh well.

Dang it. I miss the old times. Example ; 2008. Where everyone knew everyone else. And when you could tease the teachers without getting a whack. Even the scary-looking discipline teacher. HAHAHA.

I miss Cikgu Jaafar :) He's so nice. But scary. But nice :D

And Puan Junaidah. Scary looking also. But nice. And makes you get A's for karangans without you knowing it. So chun riiight? ;)

And and Puan Wan Chek. So chun ! HAHAH

Oh dayumn. I'm talking about last year. At 12.52 in the morning :O I'm gonna die tomorrow weyhhh. Haih. Kena pumping. Oh well. I'd BETTER get up tomorrow.

Aishah's going to go to sleep now.


Ciao :)
Do you believe in magic?


All that you want.

Dunce Pictures, Images and Photos
I don't think you'll notice me, ever.

School was ordinary todayy.

Except PJK.
We were in dewan instead.
And we played to whacking game.
You knoww !
The scissors-paper-stone-WHACK! game !

Oh, nevermind.
Anyway, we played that.
And, I whacked so many people.
I didn't whack the guys though.

And Aswad has this obsession with FAIL !
He keeps on looking into people's eyes
and then say

Oh well.

The funniest battle was Kye Xien & Aswad's.


& I got control over one laptop noww !

My dad keeps on using the office laptop;
So I steal this one lor :D

Do you believe in magic?


For the moment.

My hot sexy mummeih (;

The one on the right.

Hot kann?
Now she's old already.

There's no point in saying 'enjoy today'.
Since I know you already enjoyed today.

Without me.
Oh well, this isn't about me.

Anyway ;
Happy Birthdayy (:

xxx ; aishah
Do you believe in magic?

Of being all alone.

puddle Pictures, Images and Photos
Let's dance in the rain && forget the storm.

Aishah is bored.

Oh well.

Noor Aishah Zaharah sounds old.

I wish I had a different name.
Yet still keep mine.

Minghuay has me addicted to songs.
Like those in that cool tag of hers.

I'm gonna continue.
With my mad-ear-deafening-speaker-shaking music listening.

Do you believe in magic?

I'm telling you.

shadow Pictures, Images and Photos
It ain't the same anymore.

My mom's making me feel guilty.
Hasn't talked to me for more than 24hours.

Oh godd.
My dad's mad at me.
My mom's obviously is STILL mad at me.

I wanna dieeeeee.

Do you believe in magic?


The world just disappears.

Photography Pictures, Images and Photos
You shed the light on my stormy days.

Replaced my playlist.
Now it's a new one.

I felt like doing nothing.
I don't know what to do.
Except this.

I need to ask Alya somethingg.
That girl's been shopping.
Surely she'd be home by now, right?


Lemme try call her first :D

This girl's shop til she drops.

Now she's going on some safari thingyy.

Retarded woman.



I need something to do.

Sudden craving for famous amos.


And I'm still mad at my mom.

Screw her.

And I have to make a veery important decision today.
In an hour's time.

I'm gonna waste my time now :D

Do you believe in magic?

Call, I'm sick.

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This is just to let you know I'm still alive.
I'm too lazy to blogg.

Oh well.
This morning was the enrollment, stepping up and stepping down ceremony.
Had to wake up so blardy early in the morning.
That's gotta beat my record.

Anyway, actually woke up at 6.
Shower a bit.
Tie my hair.
Forced myself to eat breakfast.
Tried to wear my nursing cap properly.
Panicked cause I lost my socks.
Reached school.
Still dark,
even the blardy sun wasn't awake yet.
Then, thought I was the only form1.
Found Sam and Amanda Lim.
Talked with them.
More people came.
Puteri and I had problems with our caps.
Asked Devinaa to help.
Helped Yee Peng with keluar baris.
Manoj asked to masuk baris.
Lent Farina a hairnet.
Manoj asked to sit down.
Aaron went around with a t-shirt full of nametags.
(so frickin cute la he! xD)
Found mine next to Sam's :D
Apparently almost everyone's chinese names were not to their liking.
Like, Weiwen hated her W.W.Goh.
So did Sam and her C.Y.Ong.
Sam's looked weird though,
Never called her by her chinese name before.
So, yeah.
They were not that happy.
But oh well.
Mine was plain ol' Aishah.
Good enough.
Then had to sing St Johns song.
Manoj got pissed.
Kena pumping 20times.
And cannot brush our hands.
Was disrespectful.
Then, Madame Audrey came.
The whole ceremony started.
Stupid En Ismail go talk so long.
Suddenly someone fell.
Think it was someone from Dahlia.
Then Amirah was sweating like mad
& looking nervous.
So Hashveena brought her to canteen.
Then I saw Weiwen squat down.
So did Avyi.
*Ohmigosh, so hella load of people!*
Then, Hui Ying brought Afiqah.
If Sue Li went also;
I would be alone mann!
So, then.
The teacher was like;
I kena stop and blablabla.
FINALLY he stopped.
Almost 10 ppl went to canteen within his speech.
Is he blind or something?
People are dying cause of him;
And he's still babbling up there.
Then Madame Audrey's turn.
She was okay lah.
Sounded nice.
Then Derek brought Ming Li to canteen.
When Niki said the enrollment was about to start;
Avyi and Weiwen ran to their places.
Then Puteri squat down.

Then walk walk walk
Yeeee !
So happy !
And Madame Audery wasn't that scary either.
She sounded friendly.
But I still didn't want her to scold me or anything.
Then waited, and blablabla.
Took group photo.
Squished between flag poles.
Then go to hall.
Stepping up and stepping down ceremony.
The 2008/2009 BOD talk about their reports.
What they did within the year.
Then, they went up the stage.
Everyone gave them a standing ovation :D
They looked sad.
Well, it was sad.
Then, one by one the new BOD went up.
Aaron was storekeeper.
Sunshine was activity coordinator.
Hong Ling was ... erh ... [insert Pei Yeen's job here] xD
Aivee was head of footdrill.
Cynthia was head of public relations.
Derek was tresurer.
Nikita was secretary.
Manoj was head chairman.
Congrats guys!

Then, went home.
Finished off some piano homework.
Slept for a bit.
Mom woke me up.
Had to go to blardy piano.
Too damn lazy.
Threw a tantrum.
Screamed and banged doors.
Mom is still pissed with me.
I'm still pissed with her.
Dad pissed with her.
Cause she won't talk to him.
Dad is pissed so is scolding me.
I'm pissed at him for scolding me.
For nothing.

So yeah.
Screw them.
And I told Alya about the Sivik project.
There 7 ppl in 2 groups.
So, ours was the usual.
But Avyi wanted Alya.
So took Ashreena instead.
Now Alya wants me in her group.
I'm torn.

The agony of choice.

Do you believe in magic?