But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


I've got the rifle.

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I ain't like you anymore, biatch.

Staying at home so cun.

Been watching movies these days.
And apparently one of my favourites,
Are one of the boringest movies done.

Oh well.

And I never expected HSM3 to be that good though.

But the negetiveness about all this,
Is the fact that Alya wakes me up every morning.
She needs to learn that some people aren't roosters.
And Alex Pettyfer ain't that hot.
So over-rated.

& the worst part.
Oh boy.

It's my obsession.

With the hottest guy ALIVE.
Okay, maybe there are other guys that are hotter.
Well, equal.
Yeah, equal.

And he is ...
That's one smokin' dude.

Anton Yelchin.

Totally jaw dropping and eye-boggling.
Well, maybe jaw-dropping in Terminator Salvation.
But still jaw-dropping.

And according to Sophie Azlan;
His Russian accent owns ALL.
How can I not believe that?

Plus it's not exactly that humanly possible to be as hot as he.
He who has the hottest voice.

And now, I shall be more realistic.


I've GOT to get a life.
Or at least, try.

Do you believe in magic?


I am superwoman.

Color Splash Pictures, Images and Photos
And you'll see my face in the reflection.

I haven't posted in almost a week.
And yet, I am here watching TV.

Cadet Kelly.

I love it.

Shawn Ashmore is hot.
Woot woot.

And I don't have that thrill of blogging anymore.

Oh well.


Do you believe in magic?


Consider me destroyed.

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Is this the moment where i look you in the eye?
Forgive my broken promise that you`ll never see me cry
And everything, it will surely change even if i tell you i won`t go away today
Will you think that you`re all alone
When no one`s there to hold your hand?
And all you know seems so far away and everything is temporary rest your head
I`m permanent

I know he`s living in hell every single day
And so i ask oh god is there some way for me to take his place
And when they say it`s all touch and go i wish i could make it go away
But still you say
Will you think that you`re all alone when no one`s there to hold your hand?
When all you know seems so far away and everything is temporary, rest your head
I`m permanent
I`m permanent

Is the moment where i look you in the eye?
Forgive my promise that you`ll never see me cry

Permanent David Cook
Do you believe in magic?

Don't want the world to see me.

color splash yellow lines on the road leading to a person at the end Pictures, Images and Photos
I tried to wait for you.

I'll update about Hanna's visit later.
Too many photos.

My aunt just bought me & my cousin Tamagotchi.

Just to make the naming easier,
We browsed through google for Japanese boy names.
Well, I did.

Just for giggles, I opened a baby naming website.
And started browsing through

So cool.
And apparently my name's supposed to be spelt;


my cousin's Tamagotchi's now called Kula.
No, Kula is a boy.
Yes, a boy with a girl sounding name.

And mine is called Miki.
Yes, Miki is also a boy.

Now Miki's getting boring.
Oh well.

Do you believe in magic?


You knocked me down.

Photography. Pictures, Images and Photos
And let's do handstands together.

Hanna went home already.
But oh well.
She might come again for one night.
With her dad.

I'm getting addicted to facebook because of her.

We did lotsa stuff together.
Let's do the pictures do the talking shall we?
Btw, beware.
I'm not photogenic at ALL.

Make-up Tutorial Class ;

That's about 6% of the photos :P

After that, went to KLCC.
Got jumpshots :)

Too lazy to post.

Do you believe in magic?

To see you, breathe you.

photography Pictures, Images and Photos
Wherefore art thou Romeo?


Haven't updated in a looong time.

Hanna's here.
That's why.

I hate plurk now.
Too sensitive.

Screw it.

Oh oh.
And I still haven't touched my Sejarah & Science project.

So pro.

Do you believe in magic?


To hear and see.

photography Pictures, Images and Photos


And mind you, I still haven't started my project yet.

But anyway,
I've recently found a really good song.
Okay, so I've heard it on Soulfood before.
But it's still so nice.

Ain't Alain Clark just adorable?
Well, I think so.

Some of you may have heard it though.

And Taylor Swift with Colbie Caillat.

And and one of my favourites x)

Ashley Tisdale's version andd...

the original

And I missed this one.

Heck, old disney rocks!

The new ones just suck.
Except Suite Life.

I know, it's a bit too much.
But I need to waste 3 hours till something happens.

Or with my so-called luck,
The laptop'll just explode under my fingers.

But oh well.

Do you believe in magic?

When I first saw you.

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Been YOUTUBING again (:
And plurking.
Plurk's getting boring.

I still haven't done Science project.
Dang it.
I'm so screwed.

Do you believe in magic?


I'm avoiding the lines.

photography Pictures, Images and Photos
I'm at peace with you outta my way.

Been YOUTUBING more now.
How fun.

It's kinda crappy.
The only english version on YOUTUBE.

Just a short update.
I'm too bored okay!

Do you believe in magic?

You don't have to go.

Watched this yesterday night.

And I don't usually say this but...

Zac Efron looked so hot.

He looks so much better than he did in HSM.

Oh yeah, Matthew Perry looks weird in a basketball jersey.
And the whole janitor-is-your-god-path-thingy thing is so... weeird.

But it's a good movie overall.

Morals of the movie are ;
` Do NOT give Matthew Perry basketball jerseys
` Zac Efron looks sooooo much better in non-disney movies
` Vanessa Hudgens obviously makes Zac look bad
` I do NOT like to eat Snickers


Do you believe in magic?


I want to.

Ain't nothing more.

Just had a talk with Hanna.
She sounds..... the same x)

For some of you who don't know who Hanna is,
(You probably might not know anyway)
She's my friend from US.
The first time we met, we played snow :D
And the last time we met was four years ago.
So, we're both very excited to see each other on Sunday.

Oh oh.
And joined Plurk (:
Well, not join.
I mean, activated my Plurk.

Just felt like updating.
Screw it.

I'm bored.

Do you believe in magic?

Miss you so much.

Damn funny (:
Yes, now I'm YOUTUBING.
How awesome.

Oh yeah oh yeah.
I watched back a video Weiwen once gave me.

Except when she gave me, the title was balloons.
Oh well.

They still look cute.

I'm off to terrorize YOUTUBE now.

Do you believe in magic?

I'm wide awake.

Gossip machines ; ooh la laa

Oh ho.
My dad just went off to Johor.

So that means ;
This laptop's here to stay.
I've got an extra ticket to 17 Again.
I can tie up my hair with peace.
I won't have to cut my hair this weekend.

Oh joy.

And and
I'm so addicted to these songs;

You Belong With Me Taylor Swift
(tell me who isn't?)
Iris Goo Goo Dolls
Torn Natalie Imbruglia
Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) Lady Gaga
My Immortal Evanescence

I know I know.
Lady Gaga.

But that song makes me happy!

"All I can say is eh eh "

Do you believe in magic?

You're It.

Took this off Imah's.

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1. tie-dye shirt
2. bicycle shorts

You must answer every question TRUTHFULLY!
Yes ma'am!

Do you still have feelings for your ex?
No exes.

Have you ever been given roses?
Like, a real one or a plastic one?
I've been given the plastic one (x

What is your all-time favourite romance movie?
Titanic! <3

How many times have you honestly been in love?
Twice, I think

Do you believe that everyone has a soul-mate?
Hmm? Yeahh

Have you ever had sex?
Holy crap. No way, slut.

Have you ever had your heart broken?
yes yes.

Do you believe the statement, “Once a cheater always a cheater?”
Sometimes, but I'm not sure.
I mean, everyone deserves a second chance right?

How many kids do you want to have?
Mommy says I'm too young to think about having kids :)

What is your favorite color(s)?

What are your views on gay/lesbian marriage?
lifeless noobs, no offence x)

Do you believe you truly only love once?
hmm, no. yes. maybe. wait. yes. no, wait, no.

Imagine you’re 79 & your spouse just died, would you re-marry?
Why bother hun? I might even die the next day (;

At what age did you start noticing the opposite sex?
Eleven. Lol.

What song do you want to hear at your wedding?
I've got over 10 years to decide, why bother now?
On second thought, maybe Canon In D (:

Do you know someone who likes you?

How old were you when you had your first relationship?
Never had one.

Are you taken/single?

How old were you when you had your first kiss?
Never had it yet.

What color is your underwear?
I'll skip this one.

Miss anyone right now?
yes yes yes

Who was the last person you sent a text to?
Aswad. Loong time ago.

Do you believe in magic?

One good reason.

Photography Pictures, Images and Photos
It ain't over yet.

My YOUTUBE's fast now :DD
No more sufferingg and agony!

And and
My dad's getting a new laptop next week.
Ergo this one's staying at home.
Ergo I can go online now!


Dang it.
I'm so hyper today.
Must've been the apple slices.

God, I gotta chill.

Do you believe in magic?

Everything's meant to be broken.

Photography Pictures, Images and Photos
If it weren't for you, it would've been perfect.

Darn it.
I've gotta sleep earlier next time!
I'm sleeping at 2 nowadays.
Screw it.

Anyway, can't wait for Sunday!
But first I'll have to clean my room by tomorrow.

And yes, it IS that hard.
When I think it's absolutely clean and it can't be cleaner,
My parents says ;
"Aishah! Why haven't you clean your room yet?!?"
See it?

But Sunday is my mega sleepover.
Hanna's comingg!
Gotta make 2 days 3 nights enough for 4 year load of gossip.
And I'll bet we'll sleep at 4.
She's bringing her full version Twilight DVD

So cool right?
Alya's soooo jealous.
And MAYBE we're going to KL to go shopping.

So, yeah.
Better start kemas-ing!

Do you believe in magic?

You're It.

Rules and regulation of the tag ;
All 21 people must do unless you don't have a blog.
Write the names of 16 friends you can think of in your head.
And then answer the questions,Say you're guessing if you don't know,but at least guess on all of them.
After doing this, tag your 21 "lucky" friends to do the same

1. alya suraya
2. zhen ling
3. sabrina
4. shasmeeta
5. afiqah
6. ming hauy
7. soo ling
8. sofea
9. harisha
10. farhana
11. shihou
12. ideen
13. faizal
14. jia ying
15. weiwen
16. pui yee
17. hanna
18. joshua
19. aswad
20. farina
21. syahana

(i ran out of people to tag, hence the random tag list)

1. How did you meet 7?(soo ling)

2. What would you do if you and 15 had never met? (wiewen)
oof, still be emo perhaps xp

3. What would you do if 20 and 1 dated? (farina & alya)
do they look like pretty lesbos to you?

4. Have you seen 17 cried? (hanna)

5. Would 4 and 16 make a good couple? (shasmeeta & pui yee)
==" are you sick minded or something?

6. Do you think 11 is attractive? (ideen)
7. What is 2's favourite colour? (zhen ling)

8. When was the last time you talked to 9? (harisha)
4 hours ago

9. What language does 8 speaks? (sofea)
english, bm & ... chinese?

10. Who is 13 going out with? (shihou)
mrs. foo (x

11. Would you ever date 17 ? (hanna)
oh oh, sureee, i hardly meet her anyways (:

12. Where does 18 live? (joshua)
taman tun, right?

13. What is the best thing about 4? (shasmeeta)
you can bully her with craziness :DD

14. What would you like to tell 10 right now ? (farhana)
call me when you get backk! (:

15. What is the best thing about 20? (farina)
she's so niceeee... and prettayy :]

16. Have you ever kiss 2? (zhen ling)
whoopsie, no. of course

17. What is the best memory you have of 5? (afiqah)

18. When's the next time you're going to see 1? (alya)
soon, i hope?

19. How is 7 different from 6? (soo ling & ming huay)
erh, how am i suppose to say this?
sooling's in cempaka**
ming huay's in anggerik

20. Is 2 pretty? (zhen ling)
yeap yeap very

21. What was your 1st impression of 15? (weiwen)
talkative & cute :D

22. How did you meet 3? (sabrina)
5 Lili 'O7

23. Is 5 your best friend? (afiqah)
sorta kinda not exactly guess you can call it best friend (:

24. Do you hate 12? (faizal)

25. Have you seen 18 in the last month? (joshua)
yeeeaaaa ==

26. When was the last time you saw 16?(pui yee)
err, last month.

27. Have you been to 5's house? (afiqah)

28. When's the next time you'll see 10? (farhana)
im not sure, soon i hope.

29. Are you close to 11? (ideen)
i dont knoww

30. Have you been to the movies with 4? (shasmeeta)
nope, wish i could (:

31. Have you gotten in trouble with 8? (sofea)
noo, she's morning school

32. Would you give 19 a hug? (aswad)
erh? EEKH

33. When have you lied to 3? (sabrina)

34. Is 1 good at socializing?(alya)
yes yes (:

35. Do you know a secret about 8? (sofea)

36. Describe the relationship between 12 and 18. (faizal & joshua)

37. What's the best thing about your friendship with 9? (harisha)
she's so CUTE! (:

39. Have you ever had a crush on 12? (faizal)
no no no

40. How long have you known 2? (zhen ling)
6 months, but she's my bestfriendd <3>

41. Does 11 have any girlfriend / boyfriend? (ideen)
i dont think so

42. Have you ever wanted to punch 1 in the face? (alya)
yes yes, she studies too much ;P

43. Has 21 meet your parents? (syahana)

44. How did you meet 11? (ideen)

45. Did you ever accidentally physically hurt 3? (sabrina)
oof, i hope not.

46.Do you live close to 7? (soo ling)
i thinkk..

47. What is 8's favourite food? (sofea)
ask her

48. What kind of car does 1 have? (alya)
i knw she got two cars, one of them is a little blue kancil :D

49. Have you traveled anywhere with 9? (harisha)

50. If you give 14 a $100 , What would she / he spend it on? (jia ying)
hmm, go shoppingg? (x

**sorry if i copied you weiwen, hope you dnt mind (:

But you're just so cool, running your hands through your hair.
Absentmindedly making me want you ♥


So far down.

Photography Pictures, Images and Photos
Oh sweet freedom, baby!

I'm in a bad mood again.
Oh great.

Anyway, watched many many movies this week.
So cool.
My parents have been extra nice.
Out of the blue.

Oh well.
X-Men Origins
Monsters vs Aliens
Terminator Salvation <33 :DD
Night At The Museum 2

and 17 Again tmrw.

Never been to 5 movies in three weeks with my mom and dad.

That's about it.

Yeap, not that exciting since exams.
Now, I'll have to update everything.

But you're just so cool, running your hands through your hair.
Absentmindedly making me want you ♥