But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


Oh hot damn.

You think you can push them aside
just like that?!?!
And just because they're GUYS?
You can't blame them for not doing work.
And it's not like they don't want to.
I bet they NEED the extra marks like you do.
But then again, so do Weiwen and I.
Oh yeah, remember you wanted it perfect?
And how guys don't do anything perfect?
Yeah, well
They actually do work.
But at least not 10% like you did.
Don't be such a hypocrite,
And complain about other hypocrites.
Maybe they didn't wanna do it,
But they didn't actually stop us right?
They're just being guys,
What more do you want?
So, what, you think you're our boss now?
Girl, dream on.
Because, in case you haven't noticed, we hate you.
Yes, we hate you.
Oh wait, I know you hate us too.
Because you're just jealous.
"Jealous? I am so NOT jealous!"
Oh boo-hoo.
We're not as stupid as you think.
I bet you ARE jealous.
Jealous because we're friends with him.
Close friends.
Best friends.
Best friends with GUYS.
Not some idiotic she-male,
Like your so-called guy friend.
And just to make it clear,
If we argue,
Doesn't mean we can't work together.
If you're blind,
You wouldn't notice that she was laughing
while "scolding" him.
Haven't you ever heard the word
Yes, i mean EFFE-YOU-ENN
Yes, I highlighted it in your favourite colour.
Surely you can't miss it right?
Yeah, I know you got 86 for English;
But only idiotic mentally slow retards don't know the meaning.
Oh wait;
You ARE an idiotic mentally slow retard.
I can't believe I'm stuck with you for 3 years.
Yes, bitch.

P/S: Am I stuck with you for 3 years?

But you're just so cool, running your hands through your hair.
Absentmindedly making me want you ♥