But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


Lost with no direction.

Guess what Weiwen, ZL and I did in school?

Give up?
Aww, so soon?

Fine, I'll tell you.
We bitched about Bitch Number Three and Bastard Number One.
And yes, they're in puke colour and shit colour.
Yeah, we did this story about them.
And it was soooooo retarded.
But fun.
It's really quite hysterical.
And we did it in Weiwen's pretty little juicy strawberry exam pad.
So cute!
Yeah, that's about it.
Oh, and did this weird science expriment.
Yeah, I think that's it.
Oh yeah, one more thing.
This is to this bitch we wanted to confront.
She's Bitch Number Two.
But she was too busy with her studies to listen to us properly.
So, okay, maybe not.
But, yeah, bitch ;
We hate you.
Shuttup and get butt out of our lives.

But you're just so cool, running your hands through your hair.
Absentmindedly making me want you ♥