But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


I owe you RM1, right?

Today was larian SMKDU, as most of you might know.
So yeah, ran abt 4-5km? That's what Dang said.
And yes, I ran. At times.

Anyway, after all that. People decided to cool down by pouring water all over them.
Including Shasha and Hana.
Then, we decided to have a water fight with Weiwen, Elysa and Ainaa.
Apparently we used up 3 bottles of drinking water, 5 bottles of ice cold drinking water and 2 bottles of pipe water.
If you wanna know how it feels to be splashed the most, try imagine ppl putting ice through your t-shirt.
Honestly, I felt like I was in a freezer.
But it was good - I guess.

Later, went to dewan. Shasha and I stood under a fan, trying to dry ourselves.
But the ketua pengawas asked us to sit down.
So, she went to sit in the middle of the dewan, and I sat under the fan.
Soon, my left side was a bit dried.
When we went back out to wait for 1245,
Kimi decided that it was time to get me soaked again.
Shasha, Weiwen and Jessica joined us a couple minutes later.
Soon enough, we played water tag.

After getting Jessica wet - I DID IT!
Weiwen and I decided to splash the boys.
Apparently we found them at the basketball court,
after what seemed like 5 minutes stalking Shihou around school.
At first Weiwen backed out.
Then I dared her to wet Aswad since it was her idea.
Instead she wet Joshua. =="
So then, I got to wet Aswad.
Heee. ^^
Then we had a fight over the bottle.
He won eventually,
and I got wet.

After that, I refilled the bottle.
And so did Joshua.
Within less then 1 second,
I was soaked from head to toe.

2 minutes later, after Weiwen and I went up and went down again,
Aswad was soaking we like he jumped into a swiming pool.
I don't know who did it,
but he went into the asrama gate later.

Yeah, I think Pn. Chia saw me.
But oh well,
What can she do?
It was only water.

And I still give her nice work in Maths ;)