But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


Before we get too old.

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If I die, would you remember me forever?

Had MORE fun today.

So, yeah, started with the usual boring stuff.
Started printing a bit,
But Aswad's printer decided to run out of black ink.
So, we gave up.
And played with Little Doosh.
It's just soooo cute!
Oh, and Aswad doesn't know if it's a female or male.
But when we were playing internet,
Little Doosh fell down the bed.
And then it kept on running behind the bed.
So after attempting to catch it so many times,
Aswad came in and he got it.
Okay, so yeah, watched nigahiga.
And Henry Chow.
And the Italian man who went to Malta.
And Negarakuku.
After a good laugh,
Joshua came just in time for pool splashing.
We decided to swing Zhen Ling in first.
And then, the fun begins.
After every girl,
(except me, TEEHEE)
got swinged (swung?)
into the pool,
Weiwen, Alya and Christina decided to run away.
Man, they found every possible hiding place.
But after a while, everyone started getting tired.
But, they managed to find out
that I was the one that haven't gotten thrown into the pool.
Or so they say.
The girls wanted to pull me by the hands.
But I pushed them away.
Joshua tried to pull me by my feet, from underwater.
But I kicked him away.
Aswad then pulled me by one hand,
He was the hardest to defeat,
Of course.
But, I started kicking him.
And I got free!
Haha, after a while,
Joshua got gastric.
Because he didn't eat lunch.
But that didn't stop everyone from pushing each other.
We then started pushing different guys and girls
And started shouting ;;
After a while,
The guys decided to change,
But us girls,
We just floated around.
So nice.
After convincing every parent,
Except Zhen Ling's,
We had more time.
'Cause every one,
Except Zhen Ling,
Was going home at 830.
So, we ate pizza.
While matchmaking every one.
And still shouting
And then, the guys started playing with firecrackers.
Us girls just sat and watched.
Then, my mom came.
Yes, perfect timing.
Just as Aswad was about to light up the last big one.
Oh, we're gonna go there every day mann!
As so says Weiwen.
So yeah, that's it.
Sorry no pictures,
Didn't have time to camwhore.

But you're just so cool, running your hands through your hair.
Absentmindedly making me want you ♥