But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


yes, i do get bored easily. see?

Already im bored like crazy.
Wei Wen's not retarded tonight,
plus Camillia and Ming Huay's blogs are awesome, which put mine to shame. They make me soo jealous.

lets talk about my dearest retarded dudees ;)

He's like the scariest person alive X)
And, I'm his famous unfortunate victim.
Got hiccups? He'll gladly help you ;D

Shi Hou;
Ahh yes, our class goldfish ;)
He's this small boy, who's full name sorta sound like Fish How, heeeee.But he can draw, damn nice mann ;D

Joshua, hmm. He's now really dark, because of the Scouts camp.
Yeeaa, you used to be realllly white.
He can curse like a damned Indian =.="
Well, your skin suits that :D

This is another guy who's skin became red and brownish.
He apparently looks like Munn Xiang, since Alya can't differentiate them in the dark X)
You make one great Macbeth :D

Munn Xiang;
I do not know what to say about him.
He's just another guy at the back.
Oh yeah, he has flick fights with Julian :D

All the guys who are at the back, who makes us laugh like hell in boring times.
By us, i mean Wei Wen, me and Zhen Ling.
Damn retarded la you all X)

Summer has gone and past,
The innocent can never last,
Wake me up, when september ends.
-Wake Me Up When September Ends, Greenday