But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


i now pronounce you,

Canon in D is playing in the background.
played by our one and only music player,
Miss Eplas Metalbottle
says our dearly Priest Holy.

*doing the tango, as their celebration dance.

Now, Wei Wen's bottles (they have names okay!), Mister Bottle Clearwater & Miss Blackslim McBottle are officially married. Their priest is Priest Holy Flowery, Zhen Ling's bottle. And i-dont-know-what-you-call-it music-playing bottle is Miss Eplas Metalbottle, unfortunately mine. How random. Yes, our dearest Wei Wen have completely lost her mind at last.

So PJK was distracted with that commotion. How it came about, you'll have to question this dearly retard.

im writing in perfect english now :O OHEMMGEEEE!
yeah yeah yeah, i wanna write like that now, makes me feel more comfortable just in case me and Wei Wen sneak into blogger during IT and Encik Sivam happened to look at our blogs.

Oh yeah, today is Ze Xian's birthday. Some PC2 guy. I don't really know him but yeah, ive seen him around school. And his retarded picture in Dreamworld ;)

Joshua, Wei Wen, Camillia and other PC2 people decided to give him a cool birthday present. Literally cool. They poured water all over him during go-home time. He was soaking wet. Whatever, i know you dont know me.

There's always something in your way,
but what can you say?
You're gonna have a good day
- Good Day, Click Five