But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


Dear ******,

My dear, you're such an awesome pervert. When will you learn to stop? You've been spreading rumors about my best friend, and I know you know that that's not very nice. Oh, and you actually think he likes you? Puh-leeze. I may not know him inside out, but I do know he has soo much better taste then a bitch who has a revived-dead-monkey-run-over-by-a-1,000-ton-truck like face. In other words, YOU. And just get over it btch, he's never gonna notice you even if you go to school naked. Stop acting like you're Tyra Banks. Cause your hair's like horse shit, your body's as sexy as an overweight bull, even midnight black hair dye is paler than your skin tone. So btch, if you read this and happen to somehow find out its you, try and catch me. I won't be hiding like you are.

You know who you are,

PS; you're a mother f*cker asshole who stuffs tissues in your bra.