But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.



camp rocks mann :D

so yeah, friday night gt this night treasure hunt :D then we were all running around with torchlights and figuring out impossible riddles. my squad got it mixed up but we eventually found all 10. then went to see Aaron and Cynthia, together ngan these two squads, forgot which already. but anyway, GOT 2ND (X HAHAH

saturday, wooooo damn awesomee! got dirty, really dirty ;P nahh, of course not that kinda dirty! i meant the muddy kinda dirty =.= we showered around 3. well, i at 4. i was filthy with oil, soil, mud, LOTS of mud and flour. yeapp, obstacle courseeee! we got 3rd? okayy, whatever, who cares -.-

then after mandi and dinner and all, MK! yeeeeea, my performance sucked badddddd. but i still had fun that night :D the seniors for st johns and pbsm buat performances gakk. kelakar gila (: after everyone did their performance;

the dancing. yeah, girl boy partner kinda dancing. NOOO not ballroom dancing with those tangos and stuff, nahh. it was just holding hands, walking side to side and turnn. then you change partners, woooo. yeah, and it goes on and on and on until then finish lah. the guys i got paired with were awesome :D HAHHA well, except a few laa. you girls would know who i paired with huh? *kening kening*

after that was CAMPFIREEEEEEE ;] haha, sang that scouts box song, 'oh alele'? whatever lahh, and the epo etai tai turkey song. then did a new tepuk, tepuk gorilla, and grace asked for the man-ness in the man-ly 'hu' at the end, didnt think i did it manly enough (x

then today, marching competition. and then gotong-royong. my squad finished early, so we rested in the dewan. cause before that, Chia Seng asked us to go to the dewan to clean the wax, but squad 1 was doing it. so just sit around.

then after gathered somewhere, oh yeah, 1Ang, went to dewan lahh. Yi Jean put this slideshow abt the camp flashback, awesome mannn! i'll miss camp HAHA gila mushy mushy. but it was nicee, plus she put on this sad heartbreak kinda song XD haishh, then camp'09 picture WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

then went back at pizzaaaa :D HAHA weiwen, you missed out a heck alot ;)

once i get the pictures,
i'll put it here, kay?