But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.



im so darn bored, my head's empty -__-

im watching Arthur and the Minimoys! :D damn cute mann, esp Freddie Highmore WHEEEEEEEEE

err, what should i blog abt? hmm, let's talk abt school. yeah, school. heres what happened yesterday ;


perhimpunan got this 'ceramah' abt non-smoking and blablabla. many guys were interested, as you've probably guessed. so, anyway, that made my class skip Seni. then Sejarah =.= my group had to present Kerajaan Maritim, and guess who's the ketua? our beloved...

Avyinaeesh Sitasaban

but at least got a 9 from Agraria and a few 8's :) then Zhen Ling's group, after that group 6 didnt bring their Mahjong paper (yeah, you know what happens when you put Joshua and Aswad together righttt?) so they had to minus one point. then Wei Wen's group WOOOO :D yeea, so that pretty much sums up what happens before rehat.

at recess, went to library instead with Adam Freddy, Alya & Elysa. then i saw Arief, Nayli and Adam Wong. they were doing their sejarah project. HAHA everyone's doing sejarah projects. never knew Arief to be the library-going kinda person 0.0 haha, known him since i was 7, still the same old ManU freak -_-

okay okay, after rehat was ..... what ah? oh yeah, Maths kot? yeah. then blablabla, got fractions homework - OH SHIT, havent done yet =.= - then blablabla. skip skip skip, science. waited for Pn Tan at the lab but she didnt come, so skipped 1 period in class :) then we gossiped abt ******. what a motha fckin freak PFFT

then (i think you'll get the idea of it after reading this);

SHI HOU, a.k.a. Fish. Fish likes to fish. Fish tried to fish a mermaid. He tried to fish with the scouts rope. Fish, looked stupid fishing a mermaid -.-

okay, so yeah, im gonna start calling you Fish, probably. yeah, FISH. WTH, the mermaid is Mervyn btw XD Joshua started it HAHAH then after that, bm, bell rang 10 mins earlyyyyyy :D cause it was raining kot? yeah, then saw Heeran at tuition 0.0 HAHA yeah, byee :)