But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


yeah yeah yeah,

im bored, so what?

1. What is your legal name?
Noor Aishah Zaharah
2. How do u say it?
3. Why did your parents decide to name you this?
my name's not 'this' -__-'
4. What other names were they considering?
Sabrina :)
5. Were you first born, middle or last?
6. When is your birthday?
17th July, 1996

1. Who are your best friends?
Alya, Wei Wen, Zhen Ling, Aswad & Fish :D
2. Do you tell your best friends everything or do you keep things from them?
well, i tell most to Alya
3. Are you friends with an ex bf/gf?
no exes
4. Do friends come before family?
i guess...
5. Do most of your friends go to school?
of course -__-'
6. Do you have more friends or aquaintences?
7. Who is the person you have stayed friends with the longest?
Elysa i think
8. Does your best girlfriend come before your boyfriend?
i would think so

1. Name the people you live with.
mama, papa, atok, wan, bibik and the other bibik
2. Which parent are you closer to?
3. Why?
because my dad sucks more
4. Are you close to your siblings?
5. Who in your family do you not like so much?
my dad PFFT
6. Is your family your first priority?
hmm, maybe ...
7. Do you go on vacations all the time?
yeap XD
8. Upper, middle or lower class?
eh? -.-

Your house
1. What does your house look like?
a house.
2. One, two or three stories?
3. Describe your room in detail.
white, messy and a very comfy bed :)
4. How long have you lived in this house?
since i was born? ...
5. Are the rooms big enough?
yea i guess.
6. Does your house have hardwood, tile or carpet?
7. Do you like the state you live in?
ooh, yeah (:
8. Is your house in a neighborhood?

1. List 4 of your favourite bands/musicians.
Secondhand Serenade, David Cook, Simple Plan, Plain White T's
2. Now list your favourite songs by them.
Fall For You, Time Of My Life, Untitled, 1,2,3,4
3. Do you listen to music 24/7?
technically :)
4. What are your favourite song lyrics?
you make it easy, its easy as 1,2,1,2,3,4
there's only 1 thing 2 do, 3 words 4 youuu
5. Do you and your friends listen to the same type of music?
Some of them.
6. Who are your favourite singers?
do you REALLY want me to list down?

What If?
1. You were given a million dollars right now?
MacBook Air! then shop :D
2. You got pregnant?
3. You could only eat one food for the rest of your life?
i'd die.
4. You were chosen to be on Fear Factor?
err, after one round, maybe ill faint
5. Your boyfriend cheated on you?
cry cry, sob and get over it.
6. You had one day to live?
tell everyone i love that i love them :)
7. Your best guyfriend told you that they love you?
err, awkwardness? 0.0
8. You broke your leg?
go to the hospital ASAP.

1. What was the last movie you saw in theaters?
2. Was it good?
it was touching though
3. Do you go to the movies or rent the more often?
buyyyy :D
4. How much does a movie ticket cost where you live?
around rm6 if you get Aswad to help X)
5. Do you get snacks at the movie theater?
6. Do you like cliche movies even though they're so predictable?
oh, idk.
7. Popcorn or Candy?
err, both ;)
8. Have you snuck food into the theater?
when im with my aunt XD

1. Say i love you in as many languages as you can.
meh, later?
2. What do you like in your coffee?
i dont drink coffee
3. How have you changed in the past year?
yeapp, im more retarded, loud, immature and taller :D
4. How much have you given up for the person you love?
not much really...
5. What books are on your summer reading list?
its forever summer here
i tag:
whoever who happens to come across this or is really really bored ;D



im so darn bored, my head's empty -__-

im watching Arthur and the Minimoys! :D damn cute mann, esp Freddie Highmore WHEEEEEEEEE

err, what should i blog abt? hmm, let's talk abt school. yeah, school. heres what happened yesterday ;


perhimpunan got this 'ceramah' abt non-smoking and blablabla. many guys were interested, as you've probably guessed. so, anyway, that made my class skip Seni. then Sejarah =.= my group had to present Kerajaan Maritim, and guess who's the ketua? our beloved...

Avyinaeesh Sitasaban

but at least got a 9 from Agraria and a few 8's :) then Zhen Ling's group, after that group 6 didnt bring their Mahjong paper (yeah, you know what happens when you put Joshua and Aswad together righttt?) so they had to minus one point. then Wei Wen's group WOOOO :D yeea, so that pretty much sums up what happens before rehat.

at recess, went to library instead with Adam Freddy, Alya & Elysa. then i saw Arief, Nayli and Adam Wong. they were doing their sejarah project. HAHA everyone's doing sejarah projects. never knew Arief to be the library-going kinda person 0.0 haha, known him since i was 7, still the same old ManU freak -_-

okay okay, after rehat was ..... what ah? oh yeah, Maths kot? yeah. then blablabla, got fractions homework - OH SHIT, havent done yet =.= - then blablabla. skip skip skip, science. waited for Pn Tan at the lab but she didnt come, so skipped 1 period in class :) then we gossiped abt ******. what a motha fckin freak PFFT

then (i think you'll get the idea of it after reading this);

SHI HOU, a.k.a. Fish. Fish likes to fish. Fish tried to fish a mermaid. He tried to fish with the scouts rope. Fish, looked stupid fishing a mermaid -.-

okay, so yeah, im gonna start calling you Fish, probably. yeah, FISH. WTH, the mermaid is Mervyn btw XD Joshua started it HAHAH then after that, bm, bell rang 10 mins earlyyyyyy :D cause it was raining kot? yeah, then saw Heeran at tuition 0.0 HAHA yeah, byee :)


dum dee dum

"Im just a little bit caught in the middle
Life is a maze and love is a riddle
I don't know where to go
Can't do it alone, I've tried
And I don't know why

I'm just a little girl lost in a moment
I'm so scared that I don't show it
I can't figure it out,
Its bringing me down, I know
But I've got to let it go,
And just enjoy the show"

The Show - Lenka :)



camp rocks mann :D

so yeah, friday night gt this night treasure hunt :D then we were all running around with torchlights and figuring out impossible riddles. my squad got it mixed up but we eventually found all 10. then went to see Aaron and Cynthia, together ngan these two squads, forgot which already. but anyway, GOT 2ND (X HAHAH

saturday, wooooo damn awesomee! got dirty, really dirty ;P nahh, of course not that kinda dirty! i meant the muddy kinda dirty =.= we showered around 3. well, i at 4. i was filthy with oil, soil, mud, LOTS of mud and flour. yeapp, obstacle courseeee! we got 3rd? okayy, whatever, who cares -.-

then after mandi and dinner and all, MK! yeeeeea, my performance sucked badddddd. but i still had fun that night :D the seniors for st johns and pbsm buat performances gakk. kelakar gila (: after everyone did their performance;

the dancing. yeah, girl boy partner kinda dancing. NOOO not ballroom dancing with those tangos and stuff, nahh. it was just holding hands, walking side to side and turnn. then you change partners, woooo. yeah, and it goes on and on and on until then finish lah. the guys i got paired with were awesome :D HAHHA well, except a few laa. you girls would know who i paired with huh? *kening kening*

after that was CAMPFIREEEEEEE ;] haha, sang that scouts box song, 'oh alele'? whatever lahh, and the epo etai tai turkey song. then did a new tepuk, tepuk gorilla, and grace asked for the man-ness in the man-ly 'hu' at the end, didnt think i did it manly enough (x

then today, marching competition. and then gotong-royong. my squad finished early, so we rested in the dewan. cause before that, Chia Seng asked us to go to the dewan to clean the wax, but squad 1 was doing it. so just sit around.

then after gathered somewhere, oh yeah, 1Ang, went to dewan lahh. Yi Jean put this slideshow abt the camp flashback, awesome mannn! i'll miss camp HAHA gila mushy mushy. but it was nicee, plus she put on this sad heartbreak kinda song XD haishh, then camp'09 picture WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

then went back at pizzaaaa :D HAHA weiwen, you missed out a heck alot ;)

once i get the pictures,
i'll put it here, kay?



she so effing stupid -.-
NOW, christina changed places with this asshole PFFTTT
dahlah tk habis habis pinjam org nye correction tape. and habiskan pulakk ISHHHH
and now wei wen is emoo, no more laughing gas.
you suck! you suck BADDDDDD!


okay okay, i know its three days past valentines, but someone promised fererro rochers =.=

where are my ferrero rochers?

i just remembered abt it.
probably some of you people think why im just so seemingly desperate for ferrero rochers?

look at it, just LOOK at it.
dont these tempting chocolate coated little balls all wrapped up in shiny gold wrinkly paper look mouth-watering to you?
they cost rm3.90 for THREE.
four bucks, three ferrero rochers.
you owe me ferrero rochers, wei wen! XD

yours till you buy those damn delicious ferrero rochers,


Good Morning :D

yeea, ignore the title -.- some crazy retarded woman wrote that.

ANYWAAYY, im so darn frickin bored. Wei Wen cant sleepover tomorrow :'( haihh, dah la she's coming to my house extra early wednesday. means i have to wake up extra early that morning PFFTT =.= HAHA all your fault weiwen! oh, but she's bringing her laptooppp! WHEEEE can waste time gossip and blog-surf and nigahiga-ing HAHAHAH dah plan dah awal awal.

gila laa, you know girls, always snd up gossiping, even if we dont plan to? well, exclude you tomboys lahh. i guess you gossip abt a non-tomboy then. my posts dont have pictures nowadays kann? dont know wht pictures to put lahhh.

nak sangat ke? nah, amik kaucantik gila kan her shades? DAYUMNN
i love photography <33




just GREAT.

hell, DAMMIT

GRR, valentines =.=
youre with her, she's with you.
and youre buying her a valentine cute teddy,
with pretty pretty ribbons and hearts around it.
dont you know how it pierces my heart?
of course, yours is mended, since she likes you too.
how lucky are you,
how lucky is she,
and just how unlucky am i.
oh well, i dont mind, really

at least, i hope i dont....


Puteri Gunung Ledang

pergi tgk Puteri Gunung Ledang Theatre kt Istana Budayaaaa :) and OH-MY-LORD. wasnt Hang Tuah GODLY?!

that's one hunky Hang Tuah ;D



tadi pagi went to alya's hse to finish the banner :)
her hse best weyhh, haha i love her room.
she tampal flowers she cut out from orange, red & yellow paper (>
and the we were sitting kt luar, on the floor lahh, and re-painted the banner.
HAHAH WTF. wei wenn, kan kan kann?
oooh yeahh, today masa science, in bilik PPSMI, we used the projector thingyyy.
then we finish the Earth Song Michael Jackson nyanyi =.=
WTH MAN, so retarded -.-

btw, cnt wait fr monday dowhh,
gonna wtch Changeling with them nerdy rockstars :)

yeahh, thts it.
shutupbtch (;