But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


zing zang zip

blablabla just created hi5, its getting boring already -__-' EEEE fast forward lah to fridayy! cant wait :D HAHAHAHHA yeah, gila, nk holidays end quickly.  aduyaiii, mcm nk mati tau kebosanannya 0-0 

OH YEAH! my penpal FINALLY got my letter, YAYYY :D postmen got letters sent wrongly so i didnt get her old letters, and a t-shirt, and stuff ): HAHA at least still in touch ;)

my posts getting shorter & shorter kan kann? hahaha *konon bangga.

i still got english corrections to do, and geo -___- PFFTT.
hmm, apa nk ckp?
oh, yeah, i bought paint :)

its fr the banner thing we're doing this friday lah! i got blue, pink & green paint kot? but the school bagi yellow, blue, black, white, green & red :D HAHAH gila random topic.

so bored -_-