But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


Tagged by Huwaida (:

the last Saw you cry:
my reflection.

the person that Made you cry:
*points* tu

the last person Went to the movies with you:

last person You went to dinner with:
the frickin family -_-

the last friend You talked on the phone:
Risheee :D

who Broke your heart:

who Made you laugh:
them :'D

a person You thought about more than 3 times a day:
oh, you guess (:

You borrowed something from?
ashreena, correction tape.

You got in a fight with?
oh, tu, tu pun ye, tu pun ye, tu pun ye, tu pun ye ......

4 place that you wanted to go ?
-where ever i can be undisturbed.

3 people that you've hated
1. tht btch
2. tht fckr
3. tht faker

if there's one person that you would like to punch and stab who will it be ?

who do you wish to tag ?