But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.



HAHHA time machine fr my bday yeahh? wanna rewind to 30th January 230 - 830 all over again, damn awesome! plus, wei wen give me a whole bottle of coke :D heres the whole story ;

first me go take alya to buy more paint. we were first at mcd. then wei wen came. she's suppose to come after everyone -_- anywayy, we were calling joshua and aswad to hurry up (we cant call christina, her phone kong already, and were picking up zhen ling). so we were calling and calling. they say on the way la what laa, but eventually gt here lah. so after tht, we thought christina nt coming. then whn we were going out to the car, she came running. wei wen and i were like shouting 'CHRISTINA! WHERE WERE YOU?! WHY DIDNT YOU PICK UP THE BLOODY PHONE?! I SWEAR IM GONNA SLOTTER YOU LIKE THE POOR TURKEY!" so yeah, she was all sad but who cares. then we pick up zhen ling, we were on our way. and the guys fell asleep =.=

 at first go to her hse, take stuff and see her mom. her mom give us all angpow - YAY! - then wait fr her maid to iron the banner. meanwhile, her mom pack food and drinks fr us. she pack cupcakes laa, brownies laa, and 3 big bottles. F&N grape, 100plus & coke lah! so then, after all tht, go to the club.

then, at the club, we at first went to the cafe kinda thingyy, got little little tables laa, fr people to rehat rightt? nt fr people to paint banners on. then wei wen said go upstairs. so, go upstairs got SOOOO much space. feel like FREEDOM! hahaha so after we lay out the banner, everyone take off their shoes, so comfyy. then the guys were walking around so we wei wen was like so annoyed so she say 'GO LEPAK LA YOU GUYS. DOING NOTHING ALSO. GO GO!' so then they all go to the swings =,=

haihh, guys. wht can you do? so then we were like boreddd. while still thinking wht to do. so wei wen said, start at 4 lahh go play first. so we go to the playground again, play swings ^^ hahah childish gilaa. so yeah, they played ice and fire, and aswad chased wei wen until the carpark theree. then go wade in the baby pool, and splashing each other. then go in the baby room or something, whts the room called? there got those plastic balls fr kids lahh. we baling at each other lah wht lah. until bersepah like gila already. then we left HAHAHA

yeah, were evil + malas. anywayy, after tht christina & alya drew an enormous hibiscus 0_0 haha so waiting fr them, wei wen play with the red paint. then aswad took the paint and painted christina's cup. got pretty pretty flower, pretty pretty smiley face, pretty pretty sad face. HAHAHA then joshua take the black paint, so make it emo. so they were bickering lah, emo or pretty. then they asked us, 'wei, this is emo or pretty?' then wei wen say 'WEIRD.' hahahha 

then we started painting. the the red paint finish ): yeahh, we didnt have enough red paint, so we use the kinda orangy colour me and alya bought earlier. so then, we use the yellow paint. so, kinda diluted. and then this aswad lahh, go use the black paint, konon to do the lines inside the hibiscus. but he made too much so polluted lah. one petal got more black lines then the others =,= kesian the diluted & polluted hibiscus HAHA

then,  Aswad made a new best friend! HAHAHAHAHAHAH there was this stranger and they were looking at each other. so aswad was like, 'HIIIIII' and the guy was like 'WHAA?' and they were like, COME HERE LAH! and he almost come up. then christina, me, alya, wei wen, zhenling and joshua were like 'RUN RUN RUNNN!' but he didnt come up also. then we were like 'ASWAD! YOU JUST *HAD* TO DO THAT KANN?' then he was like 'relaaaxxx, what can he do to you? what can he do to me?'

so yeah, after tht zhenling drew the people, big headed cute people. then we painted the hair. aswad & joshua go pollute the chinese girl pulak -___- haihh, those people. but we use the peach colour to colour over it so okay laa. not bad lahh. while painting we were talking abt stuff. HAHAH joshua go start a very very random topic. first time learn swear stuff. then the guy almost came up again, and everyone was like 'RUNNNN!' but Aswad was talking to him. then he ask ' which school youre from?' 'err smkdu?' 'oh good, lagi dekat' then we were all like, 'WHAAA?'

actly we extended the time. frm 730 to 830. hahhaa, veery happy. haha so after that, finishing the malay guyy. then the wet paint was SO thick tht the newspaper lekat to the banner underneath. then got like tattoo of the banner there on the floor. the hibiscus was the first we painted so it was kering already. so everyone - except joshua & zhenling, zhen ling go scrub somewhere else - scrubbed the hibiscus away. susah tauu, using newspaper lagii =,= and everyone was looking like cinderella, esp Aswad LOOOOOOOOL seriously, he was scrubbing like HELL. Joshua was like 'wahh Aswad, wanna become Cinderella ahh?' HAHAHA

then everyone was like cleaning cleaning. we left the cups and other small rubbish there. hahahah and found zhen ling in the toilet, cleaning her pellet. then wei wen said aswad's best friend there go shake hands with him, apologised. then in the car, the guys fell asleep, AGAIN.

then reached home, eat dinner, and showered. there goes my emo nails. zhen ling accidentally trkena my nails so they were black. HAHAH then aswad ........ SHHHH ...... he'll break my face if i tell you ;)

oh GOD i wanna rewind! <33