But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.



yesterday was damn awesome weyh!
oh yeah,

Happy Birthday Alya & Ayna (:

erh, yeah, so what they dont read this? its the thought that counts ;P
where was i? oh yeah, YESTERDAY.

Christina change place with Zhen Ling, cause she said Zhen Ling's too tall -,- anywayy, now its extra kecoh at the back right corner of the class, cause Wei Wen duduk sblh Christina lah!
oh yeah, Wei Wen sudah psycho gila gila :D
and then Wei Wen use her sticky stuff, whtever you call it, and make it a ring. then she write our names, then wear it to rehat -____- and the thing tercabut. like WTF?! HAHAHAH

masa rehat was one of the best rehat EVER! wanna know why? *kening kening* HAHA, of course you wanna know why. yeah, you kan penyebok!
anywayy, semreeta and i were the only SKDUrian girls in 1 Cempaka, Alya's class also laa.
and i bought the cake and all, and tompang the school fridge. and then, me and semreeta had a frickin hard time to slow down Alya, no thanks to
Farina -_-

Farina was like, 'HI ALYA!' and started walking fast. Semreeta and i was almost shouting 'FARINA KHALID! YOU FORGOT THE SURPRISE OR WHAT?!' but after ALL that, we managed to get there in time. Elysa, Hana, Ainaa, Fysal, Akmal & Adam (tht's all i think) suma was like, blocking blocking the cake, but it was kinda awkward, suma org cm 'why are they standing like that?'. so yeah, then Shasha was behind Alya, buat like, 1 2 3, then we all sing Happy Birthday song.

then, Fysal open the cake, and Shash give the card. and the cried. everyone was like 'dont cry Alya! dont cryyyy!' hahahaha, then Shasha gave a speech like 'so, now youre the oldest, so youre like our mother and we are your kids.' then elysa called her Mama -____- then we enjoy the cake.

balik kelas, HOMEWORK. itu saja the teachers tau?!

tht's the end lah, byebye dears :D