But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.



HAHHA time machine fr my bday yeahh? wanna rewind to 30th January 230 - 830 all over again, damn awesome! plus, wei wen give me a whole bottle of coke :D heres the whole story ;

first me go take alya to buy more paint. we were first at mcd. then wei wen came. she's suppose to come after everyone -_- anywayy, we were calling joshua and aswad to hurry up (we cant call christina, her phone kong already, and were picking up zhen ling). so we were calling and calling. they say on the way la what laa, but eventually gt here lah. so after tht, we thought christina nt coming. then whn we were going out to the car, she came running. wei wen and i were like shouting 'CHRISTINA! WHERE WERE YOU?! WHY DIDNT YOU PICK UP THE BLOODY PHONE?! I SWEAR IM GONNA SLOTTER YOU LIKE THE POOR TURKEY!" so yeah, she was all sad but who cares. then we pick up zhen ling, we were on our way. and the guys fell asleep =.=

 at first go to her hse, take stuff and see her mom. her mom give us all angpow - YAY! - then wait fr her maid to iron the banner. meanwhile, her mom pack food and drinks fr us. she pack cupcakes laa, brownies laa, and 3 big bottles. F&N grape, 100plus & coke lah! so then, after all tht, go to the club.

then, at the club, we at first went to the cafe kinda thingyy, got little little tables laa, fr people to rehat rightt? nt fr people to paint banners on. then wei wen said go upstairs. so, go upstairs got SOOOO much space. feel like FREEDOM! hahaha so after we lay out the banner, everyone take off their shoes, so comfyy. then the guys were walking around so we wei wen was like so annoyed so she say 'GO LEPAK LA YOU GUYS. DOING NOTHING ALSO. GO GO!' so then they all go to the swings =,=

haihh, guys. wht can you do? so then we were like boreddd. while still thinking wht to do. so wei wen said, start at 4 lahh go play first. so we go to the playground again, play swings ^^ hahah childish gilaa. so yeah, they played ice and fire, and aswad chased wei wen until the carpark theree. then go wade in the baby pool, and splashing each other. then go in the baby room or something, whts the room called? there got those plastic balls fr kids lahh. we baling at each other lah wht lah. until bersepah like gila already. then we left HAHAHA

yeah, were evil + malas. anywayy, after tht christina & alya drew an enormous hibiscus 0_0 haha so waiting fr them, wei wen play with the red paint. then aswad took the paint and painted christina's cup. got pretty pretty flower, pretty pretty smiley face, pretty pretty sad face. HAHAHA then joshua take the black paint, so make it emo. so they were bickering lah, emo or pretty. then they asked us, 'wei, this is emo or pretty?' then wei wen say 'WEIRD.' hahahha 

then we started painting. the the red paint finish ): yeahh, we didnt have enough red paint, so we use the kinda orangy colour me and alya bought earlier. so then, we use the yellow paint. so, kinda diluted. and then this aswad lahh, go use the black paint, konon to do the lines inside the hibiscus. but he made too much so polluted lah. one petal got more black lines then the others =,= kesian the diluted & polluted hibiscus HAHA

then,  Aswad made a new best friend! HAHAHAHAHAHAH there was this stranger and they were looking at each other. so aswad was like, 'HIIIIII' and the guy was like 'WHAA?' and they were like, COME HERE LAH! and he almost come up. then christina, me, alya, wei wen, zhenling and joshua were like 'RUN RUN RUNNN!' but he didnt come up also. then we were like 'ASWAD! YOU JUST *HAD* TO DO THAT KANN?' then he was like 'relaaaxxx, what can he do to you? what can he do to me?'

so yeah, after tht zhenling drew the people, big headed cute people. then we painted the hair. aswad & joshua go pollute the chinese girl pulak -___- haihh, those people. but we use the peach colour to colour over it so okay laa. not bad lahh. while painting we were talking abt stuff. HAHAH joshua go start a very very random topic. first time learn swear stuff. then the guy almost came up again, and everyone was like 'RUNNNN!' but Aswad was talking to him. then he ask ' which school youre from?' 'err smkdu?' 'oh good, lagi dekat' then we were all like, 'WHAAA?'

actly we extended the time. frm 730 to 830. hahhaa, veery happy. haha so after that, finishing the malay guyy. then the wet paint was SO thick tht the newspaper lekat to the banner underneath. then got like tattoo of the banner there on the floor. the hibiscus was the first we painted so it was kering already. so everyone - except joshua & zhenling, zhen ling go scrub somewhere else - scrubbed the hibiscus away. susah tauu, using newspaper lagii =,= and everyone was looking like cinderella, esp Aswad LOOOOOOOOL seriously, he was scrubbing like HELL. Joshua was like 'wahh Aswad, wanna become Cinderella ahh?' HAHAHA

then everyone was like cleaning cleaning. we left the cups and other small rubbish there. hahahah and found zhen ling in the toilet, cleaning her pellet. then wei wen said aswad's best friend there go shake hands with him, apologised. then in the car, the guys fell asleep, AGAIN.

then reached home, eat dinner, and showered. there goes my emo nails. zhen ling accidentally trkena my nails so they were black. HAHAH then aswad ........ SHHHH ...... he'll break my face if i tell you ;)

oh GOD i wanna rewind! <33

woot woot!

got wake up sms frm huwaida 3 hrs after i woke up -,- HAHAH 
today, have to call alya, say have to pick her up earlier. sbb wen nye mom said have to get everything ready by 230. so yeah, have to buy more paint =.= greaattt. and i think have to buy big big paint brushes. kalau tk, forever tk habis paint lagi banner tuu HAHA oh shit, still got to get geo article & english corrections =,=" HAHHAH i suck >P  

so nw kena korek tabung cari duit fr the paint. i got no money )): hahaha allowance dok beli credit jee. duit pun duit syiling i kumpul masa i 6 0-0' AHAHAHAH so alya, hope you have luck ;)

so yeeaa, kena plead my mom fr more money :D



WOOOOOOO cant wait.
exactly 25 hours 29 minutes from this second :D
because wei wen wants us to be there 230 sharp



wow, someone's excited 0-0 hahahaha hell yeah im excited :) i think that's it, i just wanted to shout into yr ear ;P



zing zang zip

blablabla just created hi5, its getting boring already -__-' EEEE fast forward lah to fridayy! cant wait :D HAHAHAHHA yeah, gila, nk holidays end quickly.  aduyaiii, mcm nk mati tau kebosanannya 0-0 

OH YEAH! my penpal FINALLY got my letter, YAYYY :D postmen got letters sent wrongly so i didnt get her old letters, and a t-shirt, and stuff ): HAHA at least still in touch ;)

my posts getting shorter & shorter kan kann? hahaha *konon bangga.

i still got english corrections to do, and geo -___- PFFTT.
hmm, apa nk ckp?
oh, yeah, i bought paint :)

its fr the banner thing we're doing this friday lah! i got blue, pink & green paint kot? but the school bagi yellow, blue, black, white, green & red :D HAHAH gila random topic.

so bored -_-


cina cina :D


hahahahaha, ang pow ang pow mana?
RM10000 yeah? XD


i heart you

"You've been on my mind
Since I woke up today, up today
I look at your photograph all the time
These memories come back to life
And I don't mind

I remember when we kissed
I still feel it on my lips
The time that you danced with me
With no music playing
I remember those simple things
I'll remember 'till I cry
But the one thing I wish I'd forget
A memory I want to forget
Is goodbye"
Goodbye - Miley Cyrus

you may have never known this,



god, WTF is wrong with you btch?! cm, youre freaking desperate to get him, and you think its not obvious 0_0 get a fckng life! nobody likes you, not even him so why bother? he hates you. so, back off and let me live a peaceful life. okay? not okay -_- ive said everything i wanted, you solve your own problems. im not gonna help you, esp not getting him, CUPPISH?


epo ee tooki tooki eyy yahh

'speaking words of wisdom,
let it be'
yea, blablabla, tgh dgr brooke white noww. today went to koko, gt St. John's :D learnt stuff abt First Aid, weeeeee! yeaa, WTF. hahha, best gak ahh. we learn a song abt a turkey who doesnt wanna die after being slaughtered, twisted, hammered and shot. then the song end cause the turkey died because tht fella bommed him. poor turkey.

im so bored right now -______-
i think i wanna finish tuition hw and seni, pass up today. my god, since when did i become so irresponsible?!

oh yeah, since i hated them
xoxo, aishah


prince and princess.

today wei wen keep on singing 'you'll be the prince and i'll be the princes ... '
gila kan? haihh, addicted already. addicted to my ex-addiction, HAHAHAH
anywayy, today masa english, we had to talk about RULES. rules in the house la mainly.
so then one of the excercises was 'the rules you would really like to have in your house'
wanna know what i put?
1) scream and shout whenever you want
2) lock your cousin in the spare room's closet

1) don't eat vegetables
2) don't watch Playhouse Disney, Cartoon Network or Nick Jr.

there, 2/4 of them are about my VERY annoying cousin, EEEESHH.

fck off btch


im totally bored -_______________________________-'

fish the world,
the male species are never fair, kan kannn? * kening kening
well, most of the male species tk fair.
some okay je :)
blogger's getting boring


Tagged by Nurul :)

What do u like to be called?
by my name? D'UH

do you have a nickname for each guy that you think he's cute ?
yeeaa, but all guys tht i like, i call them 'DUDE'

what do you want to be when you're a grown up ?
some rich pampered loved wife
*ergh, wife is such an old word -_-

one thing you regret doing in the past:
telling her stuff.

Have you ever been hurt?
heck yeah

who've hurt your feelings ?
her, her, her, her & him, oh and him , him , him

what did they do to you ?
they hurt my feelings la.

name three movies that you love :)
X-Men 1, 2, 3
Arthur and the Minimoys

are you mad ?
i think.

name 3 song that you like
About a Girl - The Academy Is
T-Shirt - Shontelle
Love Story - Taylor Swift

which country boys that you think that they are hot ?

do you love your hair ?
i guess its alright

how's your school ?
so far? after only 2 weeks? before any serious stuff and projects? now?
its okay

any guy that you're intrested in ?
pehal sebok2 huh?

have you ever told your friend that you hate her/him ?
she went over the line >|

what thing that you think is stupid ?
stupid stuff

who do you wish to tagged ?
-wei wen

Tagged by Huwaida (:

the last Saw you cry:
my reflection.

the person that Made you cry:
*points* tu

the last person Went to the movies with you:

last person You went to dinner with:
the frickin family -_-

the last friend You talked on the phone:
Risheee :D

who Broke your heart:

who Made you laugh:
them :'D

a person You thought about more than 3 times a day:
oh, you guess (:

You borrowed something from?
ashreena, correction tape.

You got in a fight with?
oh, tu, tu pun ye, tu pun ye, tu pun ye, tu pun ye ......

4 place that you wanted to go ?
-where ever i can be undisturbed.

3 people that you've hated
1. tht btch
2. tht fckr
3. tht faker

if there's one person that you would like to punch and stab who will it be ?

who do you wish to tag ?

jimmy choo.

"with nothin' but your t-shirt on"

just ignore it will yah? sheesh, let me be random. okay, so, im bored =,= thnks to Rishe, im addicted to T-Shirt - Shontelle <3
haihh, so, yeaahh, i dont know if i have a crush, or not. hope not. pray not. please, NOT! cause then ill go mad if i find out who he likes.

oh yeah, my dad's cousin went to London and bought jimmy choos O.O



. . .


ohh, dont mind me, but ....

i like wolves.



Go Go Go

okayy, it means christina.weiwen.aishah.zhenling :)
weiwen came up with it, then nak buat blog.
then, christina go play around with it,
it became :

chriswenaizhen chriswenaizhen
oh youre a chriswenaizhen
oh youre a chriswenaizhen
you you you are,
you you you are
chriswenaizhen chriswenaizhen chriswenaizhen chriswenaizhen =,=

HAHAHA, what la you chris XD
fine fine, nak tgk?
only 2 posts laa, but anywayy ;

weiwen & chris came up with it -_-
haihhh, anywayy, go knock yourself out.
byebye dears (:



yesterday was damn awesome weyh!
oh yeah,

Happy Birthday Alya & Ayna (:

erh, yeah, so what they dont read this? its the thought that counts ;P
where was i? oh yeah, YESTERDAY.

Christina change place with Zhen Ling, cause she said Zhen Ling's too tall -,- anywayy, now its extra kecoh at the back right corner of the class, cause Wei Wen duduk sblh Christina lah!
oh yeah, Wei Wen sudah psycho gila gila :D
and then Wei Wen use her sticky stuff, whtever you call it, and make it a ring. then she write our names, then wear it to rehat -____- and the thing tercabut. like WTF?! HAHAHAH

masa rehat was one of the best rehat EVER! wanna know why? *kening kening* HAHA, of course you wanna know why. yeah, you kan penyebok!
anywayy, semreeta and i were the only SKDUrian girls in 1 Cempaka, Alya's class also laa.
and i bought the cake and all, and tompang the school fridge. and then, me and semreeta had a frickin hard time to slow down Alya, no thanks to
Farina -_-

Farina was like, 'HI ALYA!' and started walking fast. Semreeta and i was almost shouting 'FARINA KHALID! YOU FORGOT THE SURPRISE OR WHAT?!' but after ALL that, we managed to get there in time. Elysa, Hana, Ainaa, Fysal, Akmal & Adam (tht's all i think) suma was like, blocking blocking the cake, but it was kinda awkward, suma org cm 'why are they standing like that?'. so yeah, then Shasha was behind Alya, buat like, 1 2 3, then we all sing Happy Birthday song.

then, Fysal open the cake, and Shash give the card. and the cried. everyone was like 'dont cry Alya! dont cryyyy!' hahahaha, then Shasha gave a speech like 'so, now youre the oldest, so youre like our mother and we are your kids.' then elysa called her Mama -____- then we enjoy the cake.

balik kelas, HOMEWORK. itu saja the teachers tau?!

tht's the end lah, byebye dears :D



simply bored or busy?

oh great.


i can feel my nerves -___-'

i hate 2009.

but then, i may not.

so now i have do make lots of decisions,

and no more free time ):

everything will be tuition tuition tuition tuition

so, go figure.

i wont post as much.

nor go online.

oh, sorry fr not saying 'Happy New Year' btw,



HAPPY 2009.

happy now that ive wished you?

good, now get lost.

i got work to do.