But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


Top 7 Cutest Couples <)

1st ; Edward Cullen & Isabella Swan
wokaay , so this couple i s beyond cute ! i mean , siapa tak suka Edward ? everyone likes himm kann ? XD

2nd ; Sam Witwicky & Mikaela Banes

so , this hero & heroine XD
hahha , yeahh , dorang DRUGS ;p HAHA.

3rd ; Elizabeth Swann & Will Turner

this sweet pirate couple ;D comel gler dorangg <3 sweet ? pirates ? wth , they're still cute ;D

4th ; Harry Potter & Hermione Granger

this couple pun sweet gler. cuma J.K. Rowling jea salah couple kan dorangg . too badd , tapi i still think they're awesomee

5th ; Sam Montgomery & Austin Ames
they're cute and scene nie sweet gler ! soo frickin romantic ... AAAHHHH <333

6th ; Nick Jonas & Selena Gomez
wokayy, so i tak tau if this coupls is still togetherr but who the hell cares right ? they're still cute . i lalalalalove this pic !

7th ; Troy Bolton & Gabriella Montez
some ppl mmg tak suka dorang , so what ? i dont like them tht much either tpi dorang still cute XD

im done talking noww XD
HAHAHA. enjoyy ;DD