But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.




Nerdy kann ? YES

yes , we are jobless people

vain peoplee

some things are meant to be censored ;D

okay , so hari nie huwaida dtg my hse . she cmae here pagi2 sbb nak makan pancakes ^^ sedappp . and then we - well , i - main piano . and then we main computer , both of us dh giler lagu so what by Pink . hahaha , then we print lyrics gotta find youu , and huwaida nyanyi as i playy <3 BAHAHA , awesome gler masa tuu. then it was pictcha timeee ! so we masuk my room and got VAIN VAIN VAIINN. blaaa , then after tht we wnet to her hse . masuk masuk jea dpt chocolate muffins <) i terus naik bukak the computer , HOW I MISS MSN ! thts coz my dad deleted my old msn and crashed my laptop .... but thts a different story. so anywayy , we chat with ppl and blablabla . then it was PICTCHA TIMEE AGAINN ! so we gott beyond vainn. BAHAHAHAH . then ellynne and us got crazyyy with webcams. and then we played around with the cameraa and TADAAAA ! i buat this blogg .

dah balik rumaaahhh ! okay , tapi dh sebok ym jeaa , HAHAH . so um , i balik , then main computer , the tidur , and blablabalabla