But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


Prince Caspian <3

Yes, unfortunately i baru jea watch prince caspian just yesterday. sad kan? oh well, tapi i dh tgk like 7 times already ^^ HAHAHAHAHA, totally & utterly ADDICTED. yes, thts really badd. anywayy, i didnt realise William Moseley was THAT hot. but i like, kesian Skandar Keynes because dia nye part like, sikit jea. but anyway, whtever, at least hes still ultrahot 8)
ahaha, my mum pun dah suka tgk prince caspian. anywayyy, Ben Barnes pun super hot dowh 8D but im still staying with Skandar <3 yes, im totally and uncontrollably addicted to Skandar Keynes & the movie, bodo kann? but who cares, i love it <33333


Ellynne My Princess

"Romeo, save me
I've been feeling so alone
I keep waiting for you but you never come
Is this in my head
I don't know what to think
He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring
And said

Marry me, Juliet, you'll never have to be alone
I love you and that's all I know
I talked to your dad
Go pick out a white dress
It's a love story
Baby, just say yes

wookay, so maybe im no Romeo & she's no Juliet, because we're both girls, but she's sweeter then the sweetest candy, and she's nice, awesome & et cetera et cetera et cetera.
goshh, i sound like King Mongkut from 'The King and I'
but whatever,


Kuzco's New School

kuzco nie cm bodo giler , otak pun takde -__-' tapi kronkykronk pun bodo nak mampos ! otak tkde taknak guna enn ? tapi wtf , I LOVE YOU KUZCOCOCOCOCO & KRONKYKRONK <3


Top 5 Most Delicious Chocolates ;D

1st ; Hershey's
OMGAAAA ! i loooveee Hershey's ! GAAAH , sedap gilaa weyh ! esp the cookies & cream , ahhhh , HEAVEN <3

2nd ; Lindt
WHOA ! bribe me with Lindt and ill be your slavee ;D not tht i want to , tapi delicious gilaaaaaa !
3rd ; Guylian
GUYLIANN ! mahal gilaaa , tapi , OMG , makes ME melt <3>gian chocolates lagii , in seashells nye acuan , MY GOD , reminds me of awesome beach holidayss ^^

4th ; Cadbury

CADBURY CADBURYY !! mann , chocolate dia , de-lee-see-os !

5th ; KitKat

Fifth , none other then Kit Kat ;D HAHAHHA . ^^ sedaapp , my cat pun suka , HEEE (x




Nerdy kann ? YES

yes , we are jobless people

vain peoplee

some things are meant to be censored ;D

okay , so hari nie huwaida dtg my hse . she cmae here pagi2 sbb nak makan pancakes ^^ sedappp . and then we - well , i - main piano . and then we main computer , both of us dh giler lagu so what by Pink . hahaha , then we print lyrics gotta find youu , and huwaida nyanyi as i playy <3 BAHAHA , awesome gler masa tuu. then it was pictcha timeee ! so we masuk my room and got VAIN VAIN VAIINN. blaaa , then after tht we wnet to her hse . masuk masuk jea dpt chocolate muffins <) i terus naik bukak the computer , HOW I MISS MSN ! thts coz my dad deleted my old msn and crashed my laptop .... but thts a different story. so anywayy , we chat with ppl and blablabla . then it was PICTCHA TIMEE AGAINN ! so we gott beyond vainn. BAHAHAHAH . then ellynne and us got crazyyy with webcams. and then we played around with the cameraa and TADAAAA ! i buat this blogg .

dah balik rumaaahhh ! okay , tapi dh sebok ym jeaa , HAHAH . so um , i balik , then main computer , the tidur , and blablabalabla


Top 7 Cutest Couples <)

1st ; Edward Cullen & Isabella Swan
wokaay , so this couple i s beyond cute ! i mean , siapa tak suka Edward ? everyone likes himm kann ? XD

2nd ; Sam Witwicky & Mikaela Banes

so , this hero & heroine XD
hahha , yeahh , dorang DRUGS ;p HAHA.

3rd ; Elizabeth Swann & Will Turner

this sweet pirate couple ;D comel gler dorangg <3 sweet ? pirates ? wth , they're still cute ;D

4th ; Harry Potter & Hermione Granger

this couple pun sweet gler. cuma J.K. Rowling jea salah couple kan dorangg . too badd , tapi i still think they're awesomee

5th ; Sam Montgomery & Austin Ames
they're cute and scene nie sweet gler ! soo frickin romantic ... AAAHHHH <333

6th ; Nick Jonas & Selena Gomez
wokayy, so i tak tau if this coupls is still togetherr but who the hell cares right ? they're still cute . i lalalalalove this pic !

7th ; Troy Bolton & Gabriella Montez
some ppl mmg tak suka dorang , so what ? i dont like them tht much either tpi dorang still cute XD

im done talking noww XD
HAHAHA. enjoyy ;DD



Ellynne && Huwaida , thee two ultrahot hotstuffs XD
hahhahaha , they're nice , tapi jahat sbb x ajak i gi curve ngan dorang ;( tapi i still love them <33
any of you btchs hate them ? BCK OFF. they're minee ;D


Ain Anisa Abdul Samad ;D

so bored laaa ... cam , the world is dead -_______-' blalalala , theres like , 15 ppl online kat ym , and suma cam dah matii . dala facebook lambat gila , cam cibai laaa ! so anyways , td i chat ngan my best friend, Anisa ;

Ain Anisa: *tgh sakit balakang*
Aishah Zaharah: -,-
Aishah Zaharah: makcik o makcik
Ain Anisa: oi
Aishah Zaharah: HAHAHAHAHAH
Ain Anisa: i kene angkat my lil brO TAU
Aishah Zaharah: whyy ?
Ain Anisa: dia ngade2
Aishah Zaharah: ye laa , yg you gi bodo sgt gi angkat dia buat apa ?
Aishah Zaharah: dia threaten to kill you with a pednag kalau x angkat dia ke ?
Aishah Zaharah: *pedang
Ain Anisa: dia tak nak naik ah'
Aishah Zaharah: HEH ?
Aishah Zaharah: dia tak nak naik , and you angkat him
Aishah Zaharah: how unlogic
Aishah Zaharah: makcik ?
Ain Anisa: sry ade something unusual yg jatuh dari bumbong
Aishah Zaharah: like ?
Ain Anisa: ade botol jatuh tadi
Ain Anisa: from no where
Aishah Zaharah: HAHAHAHA.
Aishah Zaharah: i think ada UFO kat atas tu
Aishah Zaharah: thts their way of saying HI
Aishah Zaharah: by dropping botols on roofs ^^
Ain Anisa: lol
Ain Anisa: lol
Aishah Zaharah: so makcik , dh suruh iman urut blkg ?
Aishah Zaharah: ^^
Ain Anisa: oi
Ain Anisa: stop calling me mak cik
Aishah Zaharah: yes ma'am ! *salutes*
Ain Anisa: lol
Aishah Zaharah: oops - MAKCIK
Aishah Zaharah: ;p
Aishah Zaharah: i mean , yes makcik !
Ain Anisa: ishhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Aishah Zaharah: HAHAHAHA
Aishah Zaharah: yay !
Aishah Zaharah: i got new shampoo !
Ain Anisa: lol
Ain Anisa: ok
Ain Anisa: itu pon nak kene yay ker?
Aishah Zaharah: bcoz my old one sucks
Ain Anisa: lol
Ain Anisa: ok
Ain Anisa: yay!!
Aishah Zaharah: yay !
Ain Anisa: lol
Ain Anisa: kite ni dah gile kan
Aishah Zaharah: let's yay abt my new shampoo togetherr !
Ain Anisa: :D
Aishah Zaharah: siap ada partayyy
Aishah Zaharah: hahahah
Ain Anisa: haha
Ain Anisa: lol
Ain Anisa: yay!!

hahah , good times , good times ;)
*dedicated to AnisaTheGila ;p

Last Day,

Friday, 14 November 2008 , saddest day ever .

ill miss SKDU a hell lot. okay okay , i know i said its stupid. but ive been suffering 6yrs of stupid homework there, of course ill miss it ! who wouldnt ?

hahaha (;

it was also hari anugerah cemerlang and i got a trophy and sijil for 5A's ;D
and i was also in the choir , so backstage i and adlina got crazyy ;

camwhores ;p

poser and rockerr ;D


hear no evil, see no evil, say no evil
haha , ngan Amirah <3>
SKDU , i miss you like crazyy ! <33


hell-o strangers !
the name's aishah , and im 12 years young . yes , twelve.
im imperfect. no perfect life .
i used to go to SKDU , how sad to write 'used' .
ill be going to SMDU in january , so , yeah .

now what ?
im naive , my crush very very stupid .
i have bad taste , so what ?!
im still young and VERY stupid , deal with it .